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Fighter squadron: 203rd Scorpions

Description: Capture Bosch and ETAK project


Admiral Khaffre declares victory over the Shivan Juggernaut, but announces that the GTVA Colossus has sustained damage. The Admiral then announces a new objective, the location and apprehension of Admiral Bosch, and details the discovery of the ETAK device that was Bosch's brainchild, Bosch's discovery of the Knossos subspace portal, and Bosch's attempt to communicate with the Shivans. It seems recon located the Iceni and that the 203rd Scorpions are being sent in to secure the command frigate. It seems as though Bosch and his followers are boarding Shivan transports and escaping.


Recommended for player (based from Wandere's info and Nubbles): GVF Serapis, 1 GTW Maxim, 1 GTW Prometheus S, GTM Harpoon, GTM Hornet/GTM Tornado


First off, make sure no fighters in your squadron are GVF Serapis, but the primary selection is up to you. I personally like a wing of Seths, a wing of Taurets, and a wing of Horus fighters. As soon as your in, order one wing to attack one of the cruisers, another for the other, and the third to cover the Iceni (preferabley, assult fighters would deal with the cruisers), you can either help eliminate the cruisers or cover the Iceni, depending on what floats your boat. Aries wing, of Maras shouldn't be any toughies.

From there on out, the mission is standard escort. Protect all targets of value, take out enemy warheads and bombers first, then worry about fighters. Use your wingmen well... you know the drill.

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