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'''[http://www.ualberta.ca/~mwazny/homepage.html Return to Sol Campaign Homepage]'''
'''[http://www.ualberta.ca/~mwazny/homepage.html Return to Sol Campaign Homepage]'''
'''[http://www.freespacemods.net/download.php?view.37 Freespacemods.net Mirror]'''

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General Info.

Released: February 2007

Number of Missions: 20

Designed for: Freespace 2 Retail

This is the sequel to the Incursion campaign, also available on this website.


Forty-five years have passed since the sub-space path to Sol was severed during the Great War. After thirteen years of ground-breaking, diligent work, GTVA scientists have built a Terran Knossos in Delta Serpentis. This massive machine will once again allow the sub-space travel to Sol. Most rejoice at being able to see their homeworld again. Some however like things just the way they are. And others will take advantage of this reunification to foment war.

Now that the Shivans no longer pose a threat to the GTVA (see the Incursion Campaign), the final chapter in the Freespace universe is completed with the Return to Sol campaign.

You can download a copy of the Return to Sol campaign. It is designed for Freespace 2 retail, so it does not require FS2 Open. However, it has been tested to work with FS2_open 3.6.9. Please read and follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file for the campaign to work.


MAW: Writer, FREDder, tester, all around only person involved in bringing this campaign to life. ([email protected])

I would like to acknowledge the work of those who developed the new ship models I used in this game:

Warlock and Gryphon created by Aldo, Darkness (Thanatos) created by Alex "Thunder" Avery, Hyperion created by Clif "StratComm" Kerr, Nike created by Michael "PSYCHO" Rainey, Cairo (Omega Base) and Mercury (Olympia) created by Mike "Bobboau" Abegg, Raynor (Omega) created by Stratcomm, LtNarol, CODEDOG ND, and mikhael, and TPG1 created by Robert "Sparks" Delinsky. Cannon Pack sounds created by Redstar.

Download the Campaign

Please visit this webpage to download the Return to Sol campaign:

Return to Sol Campaign Homepage Freespacemods.net Mirror