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Celestial Information

  • Distance from Sol: Unknown
  • Type of System: Unknown
  • Color: Unknown
  • Right Ascension: Unknown
  • Declination: Unknown

Important Events

  • 2335:
    • The GTSC Plato carries the Avenger to Ribos to begin production of the weapon. The Plato is destroyed in one of the first Shivan attacks and launches an escape pod which reaches Ribos. The pod presumably has the prototype onboard as Avenger production began soon after.
    • Destruction of Tombaugh Station by the SD Lucifer, following the transport of a captured Shivan cruiser (SC Taranis) to the installation.

Jump Nodes


  • Ribos has at least four planets, since "Debris from the station is still falling from orbit on Ribos 4." (Cbrief, FS1, SM2-01a)
    • This may also indicate that Ribos 4 is, or was, inhabited.