Rites of Passage

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: A main refugee flotilla from Capella is on their way to the GVI Luxor Station. Multiple wings are to commit to defense and escort operations against potential security threats.


After one week since the Tau Sigma-Altair jump corridor has been quarantined, the 212th Silver Scythes have been re-assigned to a Vasudan battle group. Capella governor Francis M'Kembe is on his way with a massive refugee convoy on their way to Luxor Station. Alpha Wing will run escort for the governor's convoy, Beta Wing will stand by in case of a high security threat, and Delta Wing will be guarding the Qualmotep, the only capital ship running defense for Luxor.


Your starting assets are Alpha Wing (4 Serapis fighters by default, recommend you change them to something else), and Delta Wing (4 Taurets). Beta Wing by default will fly Sekhmet bombers, and will be deployed if the need arises.

A recommended loadout is the GVF Tauret with twin Mekhu HL-7s, and banks full of Hornets and/or Tornado Missiles. Or anything that can stand prolonged dogfighting. Alternately, you can steal Beta's Sekhmets and load them up with a Prometheus S and Harpoons/Tornadoes/Tempests: the Sekhmet is more manoeuvrable and tougher than a Tauret.

The only Terran pilots are the player and Lt. Mackie (flying Alpha 2, have him cover you). Send Alpha 3 and 4 to defend the governor's shuttle when it arrives, send Delta 1 and 2 to defend the GTM Alexis, Delta 3 and 4 to defend the Qualmotep.

You will have quite a massive convoy arriving, they will consist of medical frigates and freighters carrying food.

Kappa Wing (a few Myrmidons) will arrive on the scene, but their voice doesn't quite sound right. Mackie notices this, so fly closer to them. They will turn hostile, so open fire on them. Then more hostile Myrmidons will show up. Evade and kill all of them. Then Luxor's fighterbay gets sabotaged, making the governor stranded (this is why you should have at least two wingmen defending him).

When some of the Myrmidons are dealt with, two hostile Fenris cruisers and an Aeolus will jump on the scene. Any hostile stragglers will fly towards them; do NOT attempt to follow them. Use your missiles to finish them off from behind.

The Qualmotep will fall under attack, and while it's dealing with the cruisers, multiple Artemis D.H. bombers will jump in to assault it. Destroy all the bombers. Beta Wing will be deployed by this time, and it will deal with both Fenrises.

Multiple Perseus fighters will join the fray, kill them too. Then an Iceni-class frigate will show up; it's on your side. It will deal with any other capital ships until they're destroyed or in the case of a hostile Deimos, will scurry out.

After the capital ships are gone, a pirate Elysium-class transport, callsign Sneak, will try to dock with the governor's shuttle. Kill it as soon as you can.

When the whole mess is done, the governor's shuttle will fly into the fighterbay, and you can go in too to end the mission.