Rogue Intentions

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Designer: Nuclear1
Episode I Released: 28 October 2005.
Download and Feedback:,36062.0.html
Mods included: None for Episode I
Number of missions: 11 Missions (Episode I)
Works in: Freespace Retail; designed in FRED 3.5.5


As the NTF crumbles under pressure by the GTVA fleets in Sirius and the Colossus in Polaris, Admiral Bosch makes a bold escape gambit. A steady flow of NTF vessels now stream through the jump nodes of Polaris, Epsilon Pegasi, Capella, and Gamma Draconis as the rebels make a final ditch for the Knossos subspace portal.

In order to prevent the NTF from acquiring control of the portal and the nebula beyond, the GTVA has initiated Operation: Thor's Hammer to cripple the rebel ships en route. Though the jump node defenses are formidable, every reinforcement counts in this final campaign.

You are Alpha 1, a pilot newly-transferred from the 3rd Fleet to a small 4th Fleet Outpost in Vega. Your home: a Deimos-class corvette, the GTCv Spinnaker, and her sister ship, the GTCv Methodus. As the Spinnaker and Methodus are called up to reinforce the jump node defenses, you have to become acquainted with your wingmen and crewmen on the march, fighting the NTF all the way.


Rogue Intentions was inspired by a number of other different user-made campaigns. The first and most blatantly-obvious in many ways is Blaise Russel's Homesick. Note the similarities--the player is stationed on a Deimos-class corvette, and his wingmen are all known by their particular wing designations (i.e. Alpha 2, Betas 2 and 3). While Rogue shows similarities to Homesick early on, later chapters may show similarity to Noise's Into the Depths of Hell as well.

The other major influence behind Rogue comes from the granddaddy of all campaigns: Derelict. Note the story told by Alpha 2 in Mission 3, and then compare it to the Kyle Athanas story early on in Derelict.

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