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Rogues! is a 10-mission-long minicampaign (7 playable, 1 all-dialog, 2 cutscenes) for FreeSpace 2 Open by TopAce. HLP member bigchunk1 proofread the campaign and offered some advice on gameplay.


  • Eight missions that tell a credible, small-scale story of three criminals (an assassin, an ex-special agent, and a thief) trying to make a living by undertaking felonious businesses.
  • Two cutscenes that, while add little to story development, will help immersion.
  • Mods: A slightly altered Subach, the "return" of the Avenger (thanks to the FreeSpace Port), the GTF Kulas, the GTCv Baranec.
  • Short yet challenging missions.


The first version of the campaign was released on March 5, 2011.

Current state

The campaign is confirmed to run on the November 17, 2020 nightly build with the MediaVPs 40X. However, you must edit the mod.ini to be able to use the MediaVPs:

primarylist  = MediaVPs_40X;
secondarylist = ;

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