Ross 128

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Celestial Information

  • Distance from Sol: 10.89 lyrs, 3.338 par
  • Type of System: Singular
  • Color: M4n-Red Dwarf
  • Right Ascension: 11h 47m 44.426s
  • Declination: +0° 48' 16.96"

Known planets

Important Events

  • 2335: The first contact with the Shivans took place in the Ross 128 system, when a Shivan scouting party engaged and destroyed several Terran and Vasudan fighters, that were engaged in combat. The lone survivor, Lt. Ash, died fleeing to the Riviera installation, which was subsequently destroyed by the Shivan Superdestroyer Lucifer.
  • The Return to Ross 128: Galactic Terran Intelligence sends a group of fighters to Ross 128, who witness an intense furball between rogue GTI units and Shivans.

Jump Nodes