Running the Gauntlet

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Fighter squadron:


As you already know, we are sending scientist to the Altair system to investigate records found on Altair 4. Command hopes they will aid us in our war with the Shivans.
The Rosetta is currently carrying the scientists. It will rendezvous with the two transports, Omega 1 and Omega 2. All three ships should be arriving within a few minutes.
Omega wing will dock with the Rosetta as soon as they arrive. Oversee this personnel transfer, then escort Omega 1 and Omega 2 to the Jump Node.


The Rosetta and Omega wing will jump in soon after you arrive. Then 4 Shaitans will jump in and attack the Rosetta and Omega wing. There are 5 waves of Shaitans so once you have destroyed the fifth head toward the jump node. You may want to use camping tactics here. All the bomber waves will arrive from the exact same position.

Soon after Omega 2 has completed the docking procedure, the Lucifer will jump in behind the jump node. She will launch fighters at Omega wing. Easy. Take out the Basilisks first, then take out any others. Always take out the Basilisks first. If you don't, you may be prone to large amounts of unhealthy frustration. If you lose one Omega during this stage, simply restart the mission until you succeed. Saving one Omega is enough, but you will not get a medal after the next mission.

You can gain a lot of kills in this mission, because the Lucifer will stay in the area and will continue to launch fighters after both Omegas have departed. Armed with solid skills you can eliminate all the fighter wings sent from the Lucifer. If your hull integrity gets alarmingly low, just jump out.

Alternate Missions

If you didn't disarm or destroy the Zenith, it will be present in the middle of the jump node when the mission starts and will be a thorn thoughout the game to get both transports into the jump node.


The ship class, weapon type, hull integrity, and remaining weapons will be the same at the beginning of this mission as the end of the last mission.

Notable ships present