SC Hellfire

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Class: 3 SC Cain
1 SC Lilith
First Appearance: Hellfire
In Service: Great War
Faction: Shivans
Fate: Destroyed in 2335
This article is about the Shivan cruiser group featured in the Silent Threat mission of the same name. For other uses, see Hellfire.

The Shivan Hellfire cruiser group consisted of four warships, one Lilith and three Cains. They were heading towards the Delta Serpentis jump node in order to reunite with the main Shivan fleet and were escorted by 15 Manticores. The Hellfire cruiser group was destroyed by Alpha 1 and two other wings in the Hellfire mission of the Silent Threat campaign. The same mission was been remade (with the same outcome) in the Hellfire mission of the fan-made overhaul Silent Threat: Reborn.

Note that there is a Demon class destroyer in the FreeSpace 1 multiplayer co-op mission Unstoppable that shares the name "Hellfire".