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The SD Lucifer was a massive superdestroyer that led the [Shivan|Shivans] incursion during [The Great War]]. Armed with what would be termed today as 'beam cannons', the Lucifer possessed enough firepower to destroy capital ships and bombard planetary targets with ease. The vessel was rendered invulnerable to Terran and Vasudan weapons through the employment of an advanced shielding system. Unable to be stopped, the Lucifer lay waste to entire worlds, including [Vasuda] Prime.

In the ending phase of The Great War, Vasudan scientists fleeing their homeworld's destruction discovered Ancient artifacts on a planet in the Altair system. The information enclosed in the artifacts described the technology necessary to track vessels in subspace, something that neither Terrans or Vasudans had been able to do before. Coupled with the knowledge that shields did not function in subspace, a desperate plan was formulated to stop the Lucifer before the superdestroyer destroyed Sol.

Launching from the GTD Bastion, a small number of fighter and bomber wings followed the Lucifer into subspace as the destroyer made the jump from Delta Serpentis to Sol. The gamble succeeded, destroying the Lucifer and saving Sol. Unfortunately, the destruction of the Lucifer within the Subspace corridor had the unintended side effect of collapsing the subspace corridor from [Sol] to [Delta Serpentis], cutting off the heart of the Galactic Terran Alliance from the rest of the universe. However, the victory over the Lucifer effectively ended the Shivan incursion and Terran and Vasudan forces quickly evicted the remaining Shivan forces from their territories.

  • Speculative, and not considerred canon;*

For the proceeding 32 years, Allied wargames simulating a Shivan attack placed great emphasis upon hunting down and destroying any Lucifers in a prospective invasion force. Indeed, the GTVA Colossus was designed with the threat of Lucifers in mind. It is ironic that when the second Shivan incursion materialized in 2367 that the expectant arrival of the Lucifer

During the second Shivan incursion in 2367 did not see the return of any Lucifer-class destroyers to Allied territory, as had been feared. Strangely enough, it could later be said that it was hoped that the much feared Lucifer did not appear, instead one Shivan-induced nightmare was replaced by another. Saying that, no further Lucifer-class superdestroyers have been encountered after the Great War.

Standing tactical doctrine still deems Lucifers as Class A threats to all Allied assets. Threat projections predict that destroying a Lucifer's reactors will no longer suffice to destroy such a vessel as the Shivans will most likely taken measures to counter that strategy. In the event that capital ships are deployed to engage a Lucifer, attack vectors should avoid entering the forward-facing firing arcs of a Lucifer's primary weapon system.

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