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Fighter squadron: None

Description: Sam's premonitions grow too powerful to bear, and he makes a difficult choice.


With the Temeraire safe, and memories of the visions he has received haunting him, Samuel Bei leaves his friends and species in order to fulfill his destiny: he must sacrifice his humanity and perhaps his life in order to save his father and restore balance.


This mission is again, essentially, a playable cutscene. The Vishnan vessels will accept orders from you, however, so if you wish to make a beautiful entry, order the Vishnans to form on your wing. You'll be escorted in to the Keeper by a phalanx of firefly-esque drive flares.


This plot twist is a divisive one. Some consider Sam's decision to join the Vishnans a beautiful and original stroke. Others consider it poorly explained and unbelievable.

Because space suits don't have subspace drives, a shuttle from the Temeraire can be found drifting behind the player's start point where Sam abandoned it.

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