Scorched Earth

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This mission is to be a simple supply depot destruction mission.


You only have the same story-immune Alpha Wing on this mission, with either the Perseus, Myrmidon, or Hercules Mark II. Just pick whatever's good for defense.

Wait, no supply depot? Really?

All you have to do is just defend the Lonewolf against multiple waves of Hercules, Ulysses, Myrmidon, and Loki fighters.

Then the Argo-class Arbiter will come in, send two team mates to defend it. After it leaves, just defend the Lonewolf for a few minutes and you can take off.


  • If you have one or two team mates that have a Morning Star, odds are the defenders of the Arbiter can buy you more time to destroy some hostiles (if you want to add to your kill count or need to get the pressure off the Arbiter).