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[[Script - Death Flash|Death Flash]]<br>
[[Script - Escort Reticle|Escort Reticle]]<br>
[[Script - Escort Reticle|Escort Reticle]]<br>
[[Script - Example HUD|Example HUD]]<br>
[[Script - Example HUD|Example HUD]]<br>

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This feature requires SCP

The scripting table is used for scripting special features like alternate HUDs or ship viewer into the game.

Usefull references:

General Format

  • Scripting table consist of several sections
  • All sections and most of the entries are optional
  • All sections end with #End
  • #Global Hooks
  • #State Hooks

#Global Hooks

  • $Global:
  • $Splash:
  • $GameInit:
  • $Simulation:
  • $HUD:

#State Hooks

  • $State:
    • $Hook:


Death Flash
Escort Reticle
Example HUD
Hud Pong
Proximity Trigger
Scripted Flak
Ship Viewer
Splash Screen
Velocity Indicator