Second Front

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General Info

Release Date: December 14, 2003
Original Authors: Michael 'BlueFlames' Ashworth
Missions: 7
Mods included: minor ship and weapon table edits
Designed/Tested using: FreeSpace 2 Retail v1.2


Though the Shivan invasion of Capella was certainly one of the most significant occurrences of its time, it did not happen in a vaccuum of events.

As the final evacuation of Capella is put in motion, you are deployed to the other side of the galaxy for an assignment in Altair. On the other side of the jump node to uncharted space, an exploration convoy has returned after decades away. Oblivious to events elsewhere in the GTVA, the explorers do not understand why they must face continuous delays to be readmitted to alliance space and become evermore belligerent. A Leviathan cruiser is sent to blockade the node against the convoy, but this show of force only serves to heighten tensions.

You arrive on the scene when the GTC Omaha requests fighter cover and tensions reach a boiling point.

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