Second Shivan Incursion

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The Second Shivan Incursion was the second invasion by the ruthless Shivans on Galactic Terran-Vasudan space.

Shortly after the discovery of the Knossos subspace portal, a Rakshasa-class Shivan cruiser emerged. A short-lived offensive against the Shivans in the nebula beyond the portal also saw the end of The NTF Rebellion with the deployment of the GTVA Colossus. Bosch, however, made contact with the Shivans and vanished into the nebula. Meanwhile, dozens of six-kilometer long Shivan Sathanas juggernauts began pouring from the portal, and started converging on the Capella star. A plan to collapse the jump nodes to Capella using Meson Bombs was hatched and technically successful, but during the final stages of evacuation, the Sathanas juggernauts triggered a supernova in Capella. This timeline will give a battle-by-battle account of the offensive and defensive action against the Shivans.


August 16th: Rakshasa class Shivan cruiser and several wings of Maras appear through the Knossos portal, destroying the GTC Vigilant. GTVA command deploys the GTD Carthage and the GVCv Dashor to neutralize the immediate threat.

August 20th: NTC Trinity discovered adrift in the nebula.

August 21st: GTCv Lysander destroyed by SD Ravana.

August 22nd: SD Ravana destroyed by bombers in the nebula.

August 28th: NTF launches a major offensive in Epsilon Pegasi. Rear Admiral Koth and the NTF 6th Fleet inflict 75% causalties to the GTVA forces. First Nebular Retreat.

August 29th: First combat deployment of the GTVA Colossus, at the Battle of Enif Station.

November 2nd: With Epsion Pegasi secured, the GTD Aquitaine spearheads the exploration of the nebula.

November 7th: Sirius falls to the GTVA. Bosch orders the rest of the NTF fleet to Gamma Draconis and the Nebula to make contact with the Shivans. End of the NTF rebellion.

November 11th: First appearance of the SJ Sathanas. Second Nebular Retreat.

November 14th: The Knossos portal is destroyed by Meson bombs, but the SJ Sathanas emerges in Gamma Draconis through the now-stabilized node.

November 15th: Sathanas main beams and the SD Beleth destroyed by Bakha bombers near the Gamma Draconis-Capella node. Destruction of the SJ Sathanas by the GTVA Colossus in Capella.

November 18th: Admiral Bosch and his immediate subordinates captured by the Shivans. GTVA recovers the schematics for the ETAK device. NTF Iceni self-destructs.

November 22nd: Discovery of the second Knossos portal by the GVD Psamtik. Multiple Sathanas juggernauts encountered in the nebula. GVD Psamtik destroyed by the second Sathanas.

November 23rd: Terran SOC pilots, flying captured Mara fighters, scout the system beyond the second Knossos and encounter a third Knossos as well as several additional juggernauts. Third Nebular Retreat.

November 24th: Massive evacuations of the densely-populated Capella system begin. Millions of refugees flood into Epsilon Pegasi and Vega.

November 29th: 90 Sathanas juggernauts surround the Capella sun and begin emitting quantum subspace pulses of increasing intensity. GTVA Colossus destroyed by Sathanas 17 while defending the Capella-Gamma Draconis node.

November 30th: GTD Nereid and GTD Bastion, packed with meson bombs, detonate inside the Vega-Capella and Epsilon Pegasi-Capella nodes. Sathanas juggernauts destabilize the Capella star. Capella goes supernova.

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