Secrets Reborn

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Fighter squadron: 82nd Nighthawks

Description: The GTI headquarters has been located and you must destroy all GTI opposition.


Terran Command has disclosed the location of the Jotunheim, an Arcadia class installation as the GTI headquarters in Beta Aquilae. While the GTD Intrepid and the PVD Vanguard deal with GTI fleet assets, a fighter-based strike operation is set in place towards the HQ.


Available assets are Alpha and Beta wings (already deployed of your own choosing), Gamma (reinforcements of your own choosing), Zeta (4x Medusa), Omicron (4x Osiris), along with Delta and Epsilon (Ulysses and Valkyries deployed at Command's discretion).

You can now target Lokis, as a defect in their stealth system has been found.

You can see a trio of Faustus-class science vessels to your left on startup, guarded by sentry guns. The sentry guns have too much firepower and they'll go down with the station anyway. Keep intercepting the Lokis as effectively as you can until some more reinforcements arrive to take down the duo of Leviathans (you will also have to deal with Valkyries). Once the Leviathans are down, the remaining bombers will target the Jotunheim. Some more allied cruisers will jump in to help against the station. Keep dogfighting the incoming GTI fighters to save as many wingmen as possible.


  • Destroy the 3 science vessels to the left of Jotunheim to achieve a bonus objective.
  • Destroy the freighters to the right of Jotunheim to achieve a bonus objective.