Series Resurrecta Famous Persons

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe. Also, it may contain spoilers regarding Series Resurrecta campaigns.

This article groups basic information concerning famous persons within Series Resurrecta continuities, and should not be confused with the article referring to canon famous persons. The article also groups characters mentioned in each campaign's fictions as part of said continuities.

Due to the multiple factions involved, some of which are unknown, all persons are grouped by species rather than faction.

Shadows of the Great War

Gehenna's Gate


Aia Gordo

Officer serving onboard the GTD Veritas at her fourth month of pregnancy during the early stages of the campaign. She's interviewed during Tales of a Reporter, and said interview is published on The Messenger of Jericho.

Arne Finsen

Captain Arne Finsen is the Squadron Leader of the 144th Ghost Dolphins. Most details concerning her can be found in Tales of a Reporter. She was born in Venus and spent most of her life in Sol: the transfer to the frontline occurred very late in the conflict, right before the collapse of the jump node to Delta Serpentis.

Hristian Boinovski

Reporter for The Messenger of Jericho.

Rebecca Kanyeba

  • Title and rank: Civilian journalist
  • Faction: Galactic Terran Alliance
  • Ship or base: not specified
  • Fate: survives the campaign

Director of The Messenger of Jericho.

Sergei Kezhedub

Admiral Sergei Kezhedub is the Commanding Officer of the GTD Veritas.

Thorsten Favazza

Thorsten Favazza is a mechanic serving onboard the Veritas, mostly known for the interview featured in Tales of a Reporter and consequently published on The Messenger of Jericho. Thorsten is known to be 22 years old at the time of the Great War, and previously served onboard the GTC Orff, providing substantial support at repairing the ship's engines in Betelgeuse. He's also known for having spent some time onboard the GTD Eisenhowher, where his father served; his father was later killed following hull damage by a Vasudan torpedo in Vega.



Admiral Intef is the Commanding Officer of the PVD Imhotep.

The Spirit of Ptah


Andreea Avramescu

Andreea Avramescu is the Squadron Leader of the 223rd Moonbears.

Felipe Castaneda

Admiral Felipe Castaneda is the Commanding Officer of the GTD Ixion.

Juma Nyani Masanja

Captain Juma Nyani Masanja is the Commanding Officer of the GTC Arusha.



Admiral Khenu is the Commanding Officer of the HLD Prophecy.


Admiral Menkaure is the Commanding Officer of the PVD Hedetet.


Commodore Nitocris is the Commanding Officer of the HLCv Hutyemhat.