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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe. Also, it may contain spoilers regarding Series Resurrecta campaigns.

This article groups basic information concerning famous persons within Series Resurrecta continuities, and should not be confused with the article referring to canon famous persons. The article also groups characters mentioned in each campaign's fictions as part of said continuities.

Due to the multiple factions involved, some of which are unknown, all persons are grouped by species rather than faction.

Shadows of the Great War

Gehenna's Gate


Aia Gordo

Officer serving onboard the GTD Veritas at her fourth month of pregnancy during the early stages of the campaign. She's interviewed during Tales of a Reporter, and said interview is published on The Messenger of Jericho, thus making the character famous. The interview is perceived as a sign of hope among all Terrans who got cut off from Sol.

Arne Finsen

Captain Arne Finsen is the Squadron Leader of the 144th Ghost Dolphins. Most details concerning her can be found in Tales of a Reporter. She was born in Venus and spent most of her life in Sol: the transfer to the frontline occurred very late in the conflict, right before the collapse of the jump node to Delta Serpentis.

Hristian Boinovski

Reporter for The Messenger of Jericho and protagonist of Tales of a Reporter. As a civilian reporter, he gets to spend time on the Veritas, interviewing personnel and writing about the current state of the conflict. His articles are submitted to director Rebecca Kanyeba, director of the Messenger.

Rebecca Kanyeba

  • Title and rank: Civilian journalist
  • Faction: Galactic Terran Alliance
  • Ship or base: Jericho (planet)
  • Fate: survives the campaign

Director of The Messenger of Jericho, is mentioned many times in Tales of a Reporter as the person reviewing the articles written by Hristian Boinovski and giving him advice on what to write next.

Sergei Kezhedub

Admiral Sergei Kezhedub is the Commanding Officer of the GTD Veritas, and leads the ship, as well as her crew, on the final stages of the Great War against the Shivans. He is determined to bring an end to the war, and addresses the crew of his warship frequently on all major tactical updates. He is also known for hating the Hammer of Light, for reasons which are only in part described.

Thorsten Favazza

Thorsten Favazza is a mechanic serving onboard the Veritas, mostly known for the interview featured in Tales of a Reporter and consequently published on The Messenger of Jericho. Thorsten is known to be 22 years old at the time of the Great War, and previously served onboard the GTC Orff, providing substantial support at repairing the ship's engines in Betelgeuse. He's also known for having spent some time onboard the GTD Eisenhowher, where his father served; his father was later killed following hull damage by a Vasudan torpedo in Vega.



Admiral Intef is the Commanding Officer of the PVD Imhotep, involved in the last efforts to secure Terran and Vasudan space from the Shivan threat. Although most details are not known, Intef shows the will to support Terran allies despite the fact that this may endanger his own forces. His decisions have proven to be extremely effective in key engagements and didn't result in the Vasudans sustaining major losses, either.

The Spirit of Ptah


Andreea Avramescu

Andreea Avramescu is the Squadron Leader of the 223rd Moonbears. No major details are given about this leader and, in fact, even her rank among the GTA is not known; it is implied, however, that she's part of a selected number of pilots and officers who've been trained enough on Vasudan culture and tactics to work in close conjunction with them, and even onboard Vasudan warships.

Felipe Castaneda

Admiral Felipe Castaneda is the Commanding Officer of the GTD Ixion and leads the GTA task force providing support to the PVN in Vasuda. Despite his death following the first appearance of the HLD Hikuptah, he has played a vital role in strenghtening the ties with loyal Vasudan forces, by providing advice on how to interact with the Vasudans, especially those in the PVN who have been subject to stressful experiences following mass defections to the Hammer of Light.

Juma Nyani Masanja

Captain Juma Nyani Masanja is the Commanding Officer of the GTC Arusha, a cruiser which provided support to PVN forces in their battle against the Hammer of Light in Alpha Centauri. The crew of his ship has participated to a strictly classified engagement that culminated with the destruction of a major Shivan derelict.



Aidha, which may not be the real name of this character due to the undercover scenario in which she operates, is an agent expert on Hammer of Light ideologies and ancient Vasudan scrolls that participated to the secret operation that allowed the Alliance to gain vital data on the HLD Hikuptah, as well as other HoL assets.


Admiral Khenu is the Commanding Officer of the HLD Prophecy, and while not that much information is available, he must have been an extremely influential person within the Hammer of Light, almost obsessed with ancient texts and those among the Vasudans who know them into the details. The Typhon destroyer led by him nearly disrupted the final attempt to stop the Lucifer on its way to Sol. His strong beliefs are also testable even after his death, as demonstrated by his will to have a text with the Numbered Destinies prophecy on his body on the funeral coffin.


Admiral Menkaure is the Commanding Officer of the PVD Hedetet, an asset struggling. He firmly condemns any form of defection or support towards the Hammer of Light, though he also shows great disappointment when such defections occur, and perceives them as a treason towards all Vasudan people. Despite this potential weakness in his behavior, his actions play a pivotal role in stopping the HoL flagship Hikuptah


Commodore Nitocris is the Commanding Officer of the HLCv Hutyemhat, who was deemed to be assassinated until PVI agents managed to find out she was still alive. The discovery ultimately led to unraveling many major security braches within the PVN and even PVI itself. Nitocris oftentimes cites ancient scrolls, though she makes mistakes in the process, and one such mistake allowed PVI agents to confirm the genuinity of her identity. Her true motives remain unknown, but she apparently had access to vital data on HoL research on both Terrans and the Shivans, and was even confirmed to possess a device that allowed some minor interaction between her ship and Shivan units.


Rhadames, which may not be the real name of this character due to the undercover scenario in which he operates, is an agent that participated as a tactical supervisor to the secret operation that allowed the Alliance to gain vital data on the HLD Hikuptah, as well as other HoL assets.


Commander Ramphis is responsible for planning the operation that led to the gaining of vital data concerning the HLD Hikuptah in Alpha Centauri. No further information is available, though it is implied that his service record must have been excellent.