Shell Game (Nostos)

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Inferno Nostos

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Fighter squadron: 74th Templars, GTVA 4th Fleet

Description: Apprehend defector Eleanor Kaprinsky, last sighted in Beta Aquilae.


Eleanor Kaprinsky, last known as a defector from the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance to the Earth Alliance and recently escaped from a maximum security prison in Antares, had her last known transponder position revealed to be in high orbit of Janus, the GTVA Capital in Beta Aquilae.

The 74th Templars are dispatched to find the transport containing her in an EA convoy, disable the ship, and apprehend Kaprinsky with the help of the GTT Serdike.


Once again, you have two three-ship wings of GTF Mihos fighters. The default load is sufficient, however, you can replace the Subach HL-12 for the GTW-15T Vulcan Cannon.

Start by taking out the Escort Wings (Iross, Luna and Pax).

Once they're taken out, start flying within 2000 meters of each transport. Once your Signal Analyzer gets a strong reading from the transponder, use your Stilettos to take out the turrets and engines of the target transport. Be aware of the transports' Gatling Turrets, they can shred your armor if you're not careful. Take a close-range scan to verify the signal.

Once the transport is disabled, the GTT Serdike will be on station to dock with it. Defend them from Lux and Gaia Wings.

You'll see an EA fleet coming in, however their focus is on the planet, not on you.

The Serdike's Marines come up empty-handed. After that, the fleet's fighters will converge on you. Follow the Serdike out into subspace.


  • Major characters introduced:
    • Ensign Mustafa Karim, Ensign Shonn Pasteur, Lieutenant Jamie Irving.