Sheridan's Gambit

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: Unknown.


With the Shivan main armada advancing to Vega and stragglers of the fleet in Deneb, a new weapon has been developed based off Meson weaponry: the Gorgon Cannon. With a captured Shivan cruiser being the bait to lure out the Shivans in Deneb, Alpha Wing has to oversee the amount of damage the experimental cannon could do to Shivan capital ships...


You still have the story-immune Alpha Wing, and a recommended ship is either the Perseus or Erinyes. You are advised to carry a Prometheus S and/or UD-8 Kayser, with Tornadoes or Harpoons, and Trebuchet missiles.

As soon as you launch, your team mates will rush in and strike Gemini wing. Kill them, then you will have multiple Basilisks from Libra and Sagittarius wings to deal with. After that, you're going to have to kill quite a few Nephilim bombers, and one wing of Seraphim too. Their massed Cyclops torpedoes can deal a lot of hurt, so protect the two cruisers in the area.

More Shivans, this time you're facing a lot of Maras and some other assorted fighters. You will see the Gorgon Cannon (which is a Zephyrus gas miner attached to a Meson Bomb, with four beam collars) in action, killing one Cain-class cruiser in a matter of three seconds. Just keep dogfighting, and you will receive assistance from Delta Wing, consisting of four Horuses.

Then a Ravana-class destroyer will come in and kill one of your cruisers.

Well, it looks like all hope is damn near lost. Your only hope is in the Gorgon Cannon, but they are well advised not to fire in risk of a containment breach. It kills the Ravana in a matter of seconds, but the resulting overload ends with blowing up and dying. After that, just get out of there.