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The Laboratory is a feature added by the Source Code Project, accessible from the main hall by the F3 button.

The lab has many improvements over the traditional (but still accessible) Tech Room. These improvements include the ability to turn off many FreeSpace Open features temporarily, show transparency and a wireframe version of the model, as well as see the paths, radius, segments and other internal workings of the model. New features include adjusting the post processing and antialiasing effects.

The lab is designed to be more useful to modders than the tech room, and hence possesses many useful options for them.


Key Controls

  • / (key_divide): rotates through insignia
  • L: switch damage lightning effects (arcs) on/off
  • 0-9: FXAA preset 0-9
  • B: increase bloom
  • N: reduce bloom
  • T: cycle forward through Team Colors
  • Y: cycle backward through Team Colors
  • +5%/-5% throttle button: increase/reduce throttle
  • afterburner button: switch afterburner thruster on/off

Mouse Controls

  • Left click + Drag: rotate model
  • Right click + Drag up/down: zoom
  • Shift + Left click + Drag: drag model