Shivan Super Laser

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Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2

The Shivan Super Laser was the main weapon of the SD Lucifer. It was the only weapon during the Great War that resembled anything like the beam weapons developed by the GTVA and used by more advanced Shivan ships much later. It was used by the Lucifer to destroy the GTD Galatea, as well as bombard the planet Vasuda Prime in 2335. It is sometimes called a Flux Cannon.


Name Shivan Super Laser
Rate of fire 0.1 s-1
Velocity 1000 ms-1
Damage 15 000
Armor damage 15 000
Shield damage 15 000
Subsystem damage 15 000

Additional properties

Veteran Comments

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Capable of taking down anything in its path in one or two hits, this is what made the Lucifer so dangerous. This is described as a "Flux Cannon" in the Lucifer's tech description.

THE gun, the meanest, most destructive weapon in FreeSpace 1, period. It outdamages anything and everything.

The FreeSpace Port made this into a beam weapon, but in retail FS1/2 it's actually a turret munition with an invisible head and a very long tail. In other words, it's a laser shot hacked to look like a beam.

It kills anything below a cruiser in one shot, anything above cruiser in three. It also has absolutely INSANE kinetic power, because whenever you shoot a fighter or bomber with it, the destroyed ship is propelled by 200 m/s before exploding, and its debris goes even faster.