Shivan Turret Laser

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The Shivan Turret Laser is a primary weapon used in turrets of the large vessels.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2


Basic Shivan turret weapon.



Range 1250 m
Rate of Fire 0.83 shots per second
Velocity 250 ms-1
Base Damage 60
Armor Damage Full 60
Shield Damage Full 60
Subsystem Damage Full 60


Veteran Comments

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The Shivan Turret Laser is the Shivan equivalent to the Terran Turret. This weapon is slow, and doesn't do much damage, but it does more than its counterpart, doing slightly less damage a second to hull plating than the Banshee and Prometheus R. The Shivan Turret Laser can kill a slow moving and damaged fighter or bomber, but in general isn't much of a threat. It is, however, adept at killing bombs.

The blobs in general are the new point-defense weapons, knocking down incoming ordnance with an efficiency a flak gun can only dream of. Beams are excellent point-defense, but do not fire nearly as often.

Deals mediocre damage, but more (particularly in terms of shield damage) than its Terran counterpart. These lasers are often found in groups of four or five, and are quite capable of taking down incoming fighters and bombers.