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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: GTVA and SOC forces attempt to destroy the Shivan superdestroyer Diablo.


The GTCA Independence has been dispatched to interdict the Kismat and Diablo. GTVA fighters re-assigned from the Ross 128 blockade assist the Independence bombers in attacking the Diablo while an SOC strike force is en route.


This is a red-alert continuation.

Take out Bheema Wing of Nahemas as soon as you start. Epsilon Wing of Enneads will assist (they are not under your control).

Arjuna wing of Serpents will attempt to destroy your bomber wings (Iota and Theta). Interdict them. Further down, you will have to stop Rama and Krishna wings of Gorgons. If you lose your wings of bombers, the Independence will deploy two more wings of bombers.

After clearing out the Gorgons, focus your entire squadron's fire on the forward beam of the Diablo. Gamma and Delta Wings of Ophios fighters will assist you at this time.

Once the SOC Olemnus shows up, order your wings individually to ignore the Diablos. Set one wing to protect the Olemnus, let the others engage the enemy. Try to coordinate your attacks such that Delta and Gamma can take on the Durjas from Arjuna wing (they will be backed up by Vishnu wings of Gorgons). The Olemnus can withstand the beam attacks from the Diablo, but not the Ultra Bombs from the Durjas.

Once the Diablo is eliminated, the leftovers from Arjuna and Vishnu wings will depart. Don't forget to clear out any already launched Ultra Bombs before they hit. The Olemus will depart, and the Independence will give you the order to leave.


To be filled in later.

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