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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


Sidhe tech model.png
The Sidhe

Blue Planet Tech Room Description

Information on this weapon is compartmentalized, code HAWKING, dissemination NOFORN. Check clearance: cleared.

The SCWS/SA1 Sidhe is a collapsed molybdenum shrapnel weapon that accelerates a canister of six submunitions until an onboard fuse triggers separation. Submunitions deploy in a conical spread to increase hit probability and overmatch reactive armor systems designed to defeat single penetrations. Each submunition carries a coil-flash EMP charge to defeat shield systems. Although the Sidhe was originally designed as a payload for warship-grade gauss cannons, pilots using the fighter-mounted variant began fusing the Sidhe canisters to detonate on launch, creating a devastating short-range weapon. The Ainsarii stealth fighter can fire six Sidhe canisters simultaneously, wreaking havoc on small targets in dogfight ranges. The Sidhe is an excellent snapshot weapon to resolve engagements against maneuverable foes.



Range 750 m
Rate of Fire 1.33 shots per second
Velocity 800 ms-1
Base Damage 25
Armor Damage 1.0x 25
Shield Damage 1.0x 25
Subsystem Damage 0.2x 5


Veteran Comments

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Pronounced SHEE-uh.

This is not a weapon to mess with, and one of your best friends in the Third Act. After testing this weapon on a UEF-Shivan gauntlet, the Sidhe is ludicrously powerful. How powerful you ask? A quad Sidhe has the ability to take out a Seraphim in THREE shots, given you're less than a kilometer away. Forget the Kayser and Prometheus S for intercept, now THIS is a potent weapon. Theoretically, the "buckshot" covers quite a distance, so this weapon is ideal for heavy bombers and, daresay, swift, maneuverable fighters.