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Silent Threat is an official expansion pack for FreeSpace 1. Its major component is a new campaign documenting the Hades Rebellion, which introduces several new ships and weapons as well as new command briefings. It is also notable in that it includes dozens of fan created missions. Silent Threat was released on the second of October, 1998.

Official Description

"As the Great War rages on, you've been commissioned by the GTI (Galactic Terran Intelligence) for special intelligence operations. In a matter of National Security, you've been asked to go behind enemy lines in order to preserve the fragile space treaty. Is the GTI setting you up or are the Shivans spreading their evil rage?"

  • Over 40 new missions created by both the developer and fans.
  • 2 new playable ships join your squadron of 40 stunningly realistic, richly detailed craft.
  • 2 new primary weapons and 2 new secondary weapons are now at your disposal to trash the sky with enemy debris.
  • A new enemy capital ship has emerged and is poised to challenge the greatest fighters in space.
  • The multiplayer chaos continues with up to 12 players over the Internet."

New Ships and Weapons

Player Flyable Ships

  • GTF Loki - Reconnaisance fighter used by the GTI.
  • GTB Zeus - New strike bomber to replace the GTB Athena.

Non Player Flyable Ships


Fan-Created Missions

Over half of the missions contained in Silent Threat were created by fans who participated in the Silent Threat Mission Design Contest. A list of the missions chosen for Silent Threat and their respsective designers follows:

  • Asteroid Onslaught - Danny Craig Defrancis
  • Black Knight - Michael M. Solyom
  • Crippler - Christopher Douglas Haskett
  • Cutting the Supply Line - Peter Drake
  • Dead in the Water - Christopher James Bagwell
  • Deception - Brian Wheeler
  • The Destiny of Peace 1-7 - Justin Mills
  • Fortress - Christopher Douglas Haskett
  • Full T-V Battle - Jason Attard
  • The Great Escape - Adam Rorabaugh
  • The GTI Shadow - Justin Raynard
  • Hunted - Dan J. Raymond
  • Into the Fire - Colin "IceFire" Czerneda
  • Loner - Rob Munro
  • The Manhattan Project - Justin Mills
  • The Master of Illusion - Ryan Glasnapp
  • Order of the Eye - Peter Drake
  • Powerball Arena - Victor "DrDooM" Shin
  • Red Herring - Matt Sparling
  • Roadkill - Matt Finnerty
  • The Sands of Normandy - Nathan "Dynamo" Hoying
  • Shadows - Brad Crawford
  • Supplies! Supplies! - Jeff Montgomery
  • Surprise - Eser Guven
  • Survivors - Colin "IceFire" Czerneda
  • Test of Honor - Brad Crawford
  • Virginia's Run - Christopher Vann Cox

Other resources

Since the main Silent Threat campaign received relatively extensive criticism and is ostensibly somewhat weak—in both storyline and execution—,a fan-created extension of the main campaign was released; Silent Threat: Reborn. The campaign is an attempt to create a campaign without the shortcomings of the official one, namely plotholes and badly-scripted missions. This campaign is already available.