Silent Threat: Reborn

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Silent Threat: Reborn

Silent Threat: Reborn is the flagship campaign of the FreeSpace Port. It is a complete re-imagining of the original Silent Threat campaign, featuring new missions as well as rewrites of the old missions, with an expanded and improved storyline. It is voice-acted and takes advantage of many FreeSpace Open features, though it is compatible with FreeSpace 2 Retail.

Silent Threat: Reborn Campaign Walkthrough

Silence All Voices - More Than Meets the Eye - Ghosts - Field of Destruction - Cloak and Dagger - He Who Rides the Tiger - The Wait - Hellfire - The Return to Ross 128 - The Last Hurrah - Betrayed - Exodus - Forced Hand - Chasing Shadows - Secrets Reborn - Blood of the Innocents - Abandon Hope - Last Stand


The player launches from the Krios in the first mission.
The SD Archon in Ross 128.
GTI's base of operations, the Jotunheim Installation.

Status: Released

Release Date: Christmas 2008

Mods Required: Version 3.1 of the FreeSpace Port (version 3.1.1 or later recommended)

SCP Support: Enhanced by FreeSpace Open and the MediaVPs, but does not require them

Campaign Description

As the Great War rages on, you've been commissioned by Galactic Terran Intelligence for special intelligence operations. Your objectives are to contain the Shivan onslaught and preserve the fragile Terran-Vasudan alliance. But a series of suspicious events cloud the GTI's spotless record. Is the GTI setting you up or are the Shivans spreading their evil rage?


  • Eighteen missions based on (but superior to) the original Silent Threat, eight of which are completely new
  • An immersive story that remains true to the original, yet is far more fleshed out
  • Supports many of the newest features in FSO yet is compatible with FS2 retail
  • Fully voice acted
  • A viral marketing campaign, known as 162 or Phoenix.

Developer Notes

Silent Threat: Reborn was specifically designed to be compatible with the common fan theory of the player character being Aken Bosch. Bosch specifically mentions being a pilot, which must place him in a squadron that serves after the Great War. It is possible, though unlikely, that Bosch was rank-and-file GTA during the later stages of the Hades Rebellion. Given Bosch's access to GTI technologies, it is probable that he was a GTI officer himself. This places him on board either the Krios, or the Soyakaze. If he was a pilot on the Krios, he must be the player, as of all the pilots on board the Krios, is is theoretically possible for all of your wingmen to be killed and only the player to survive. Galemp 01:34, 24 August 2009 (UTC)

The outro cutscene builds upon this theory, as it features a closing monologue very reminiscent of the Bosch monologues from FreeSpace 2, yet without specifically identifying the speaker as Bosch. Goober5000 19:25, 24 July 2017 (UTC)

Player Comments

The degree of thought, care, and polish put into ST:R is staggering. There is not a filler mission to be found anywhere in this campaign. The designers are amongst the most seasoned veterans of the FreeSpace community, and their attention to detail and nuance arguably exceeds that of the original Volition designers. In fact, Silent Threat: Reborn represents the closest the community has ever seen to another Volition entry in the FreeSpace universe. It hews closely to the tried-and-true FreeSpace narrative structure, it explains all the major discrepancies between FreeSpace 1 and FreeSpace 2, and it even finds time to work in compatibility with Shrouding the Light. As if its narrative strengths weren't enough, the FREDding includes some real gems, including the blood-curdling He Who Rides the Tiger and Abandon Hope. Superb voice acting and a lovingly-crafted bundle of Easter eggs round out this magnum opus. ST:R is an exemplar of pure FreeSpace craft. And for goodness's sake, listen to your wingmen! General Battuta 05:16, 10 June 2009 (UTC)



Promotional Videos

Intro Cutscene


Core Staff:

  • Galemp - Project Co-Leader, FREDder, Story Writer, Render Artist, Vasudan Voice Mixer, Cutscene Artist, Quality Assurance
  • Goober5000 - Project Co-Leader, FREDder, Story Writer, Programmer, Voice Manager, Promotional Manager, Quality Assurance
  • Admiral Nelson - Background Manager, Beta Tester
  • Tolwyn - Voice Post-Producer

Associate Staff:

  • Ace - Promotional Artist
  • Blaise Russel - Pinch FREDder
  • chief1983 - Promotional Artist
  • Dan Wentz - Outro cutscene music and sound
  • kv1at3485 - Beta Tester
  • mjn.mixael - Cutscene Artist
  • NGTM-1R - Beta Tester
  • Ransom Arceihn - Promotional Artist
  • Sesquipedalian - Interface Artist
  • Spicious - Model Editor
  • Steven Trauger - Promotional Artist
  • Tom Fetterolf - Logo Design
  • Vasudan Admiral - Cutscene Artist

Voice Talent - Voice123:

  • Robert Bair - Einstein Escape 1, Kappa 1 (str05), Minelayer 1
  • Pat Caporuscio - Lambda 2 (str06), Lambda 1 (str13)
  • James L. Collymore - Admiral Glaive
  • Dave DeAndrea - Vasudan Translator
  • Matt Forrest - GTC Adamant, GTSC Moreau bridge officer
  • September Day Leach - GTI Holonet Monitor (Phoenix)
  • Kevin Lowney - Talus Particle Accelerator, GTSC Ratna
  • Dina Monaco-Boland - GTC Challenger, Lambda 1 (str05)
  • Brian Peck - Einstein Escape 2, Lambda 1 (str06), Lambda 2 (str13), Alpha 1
  • Sarah Pesek - Captain Larson (Phoenix)
  • Kevin Renshaw - GTSC Moreau lab officer, GTC Lone Wolf, GTC Minotaur
  • Eamonn Riley - Admiral Scott
  • Steve Royal - GTC Monitor
  • Peter Sandon - Jotunheim Commander
  • Blake Williams - Admiral Po, GTC Orff

Voice Talent - Voice Acting Alliance:

  • Jennifer Alyx - Wingman 4 (Bitch)
  • Betsy LaPolla - Admiral Tess, Decoy Kappa 1 (str05), Theta 1 (str07)

Voice Talent - Voice Acting Club:

  • Aramek - Wingman 1 (Veteran)
  • Rina-chan - Wingman 3 (Vixen)
  • Shard-Spider - Wingman 2 (Buddy)

Voice Talent - Game Warden:

  • Daniel Rodrigues - 82nd Nighthawks Squadron Leader, GTSC Einstein, GTC Iapetus, Terran Soldier (str13), GTC Gladiator

Voice Talent - Hard Light Productions:

  • Ted Alexander - Terran Command
  • Ryan "Sphynx" Anderson - Wingman 5 (Rookie)
  • freespacegundam - 91st Phantoms Squadron Leader
  • Galemp - GTSC Hinton, Iota 1 (str05), Frank (Phoenix)
  • Killfrenzy - GTSC Giordano
  • Mike Krcil, GTSC Herschel, Captain Montgomery (Phoenix)
  • Ransom Arceihn - GTI Pilot

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