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Celestial Information

  • Name and Constellation: Alpha Canis Maioris, Canis Maior. Adaption to Latin of the Greek Σείριος (Seirios, which means glowing or scorcher), though the name might not be of Greek origin.
  • Other name(s): Alhabor, Al-Shira (Arabic for The Leader), Aschere (derivation of Al-Shira), Mrgavyadha and Lubdhaka (Sanskrit for deer hunter and hunter, respectively), Lokabrenna (name used in Scandinavia, that means burning done by Loki or Loki's torch), Aoboshi (Japanese for blue star).
  • Distance from Sol: 8.601 ly, 2.637 pc
  • Type of System: Binary
  • Color: A1-White Main Sequence, A2-White Dwarf
  • Right Ascension: 6h 45m 8.871s
  • Declination: -16° 42' 57.99"

Important Events

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