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==Technical information==
==Technical information==
{{MissionInfo|SM2-09.fs2|52.2 KB|Brad Johnson|36 (+1 waypoint)|8|47|30|5: Deuteronomy|Brief1}}
{{MissionInfo|SM2-09.fs2|52.2 KB|Brad Johnson|36 (+1 waypoint)|8|47|30|5: Deuteronomy|Brief1}}
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron: 203rd Scorpions

Description: The 203rd attacks a Shivan warship in an attempt to lure the Sathanas into position.


The 203rd is ordered to attack a Shivan warship in an attempt to lure the Sathanas into position so that a joint assault by the GVD Psamtik, the GTD Aquitaine, and the GVD Toeris can exploit weak points discovered on the Shivan juggernaut in A Monster in the Mist.


Prepare for combat against cruisers. It is recommended that you have the GTW Maxim in at least one of your primary banks in this mission. Fighters will also come, however, but they are not a serious headache for a non-novice pilot. You only have to pay better attention to Virgo wing of 5 SF Mara-class fighters. The objective is to lure the juggernaut away from its current position. This mission tests your ability to survive well.

At the start, you will receive a garbled transmission from the SC Rephaim, a Cain-class cruiser. Then, the NTF Iceni will show up on your escort list. Follow Command's orders and do not engage it, as it will depart a short while later.

Using the GTW Maxim from a distance is quite hard because of your line of sight is very limited inside the nebular theater, but since the AI has no obstacles, they can destroy the dangerous turrets of hostile cruisers if you issue order them to do so. Close combat with the hostile cruisers is quite hard if their anti-fighter turrets are operational. Reinforcements are available, so you call them in when things turn desperate, or you don't want it to turn desperate. The Thutmose, a Sobek-class corvette will provide fire support here, and can hold its own on this mission, even without fighter cover.

Return to base when Command orders you to, or you will be punished.


  • The Thutmose can handle most of the cruisers. Take out the main beam cannons of the Shivan warships and you'll be home free.
  • The Thutmose also has pretty good anti-fighter ability, so try to lure tougher fighters into its AAA range.
  • Watch out about the Golab. The Moloch-class corvette is pretty bad for a corvette, but it still has decent anti-fighter defenses as compared to a Rakshasa or a Cain.
  • Once again, check your wingmen's ships and get them to fly something tougher than a Serapis.


  • There is a possible inconsistency with the mission brief of this mission and the actual mission itself. While the GVCv Sopedu is supposed to provide fire support, it is replaced with the Thutmose instead.

Notable ships present

Technical information

Speaking in Tongues
File name: SM2-09.fs2
File size: 52.2 KB
Author: Brad Johnson
Total number of objects: 36 (+1 waypoint)
Total number of wings: 8
Number of mission events: 47
Number of messages: 30
Event music: 5: Deuteronomy
Briefing music: Brief1