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  • ...nd appears superior in most aspects to the Apis - a worrying situation for the GTVA. compatible with all standard missile types. In flight the Mihos assumes the primary dogfighting role, outperforming most fightercraft with its high agi
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  • ...d by Bobboau for his failed campaign Dark Breed it was latter picked up by the [[Inferno Release 1]] mod, it has since been used in several other unrelate [[Image:attis.jpg|thumb|right|650px|The original Attis, as seen in [[INFR1]]. ]]
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  • ...previously seen only on much larger ship classes. These improvements make the Mustang Alpha a fierce foe to any who would challenge it in combat. ...t. Many Mustang spaceframes subsist among civilians and criminals who seek the design for its adaptability.
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  • ...bombing runs on heavily defended targets. However, that ability comes with the price of reduced maneuverability due to its relatively high mass and asymme ...a statistical success even amongst the historically casualty-prone bomber force.
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  • ...a good Missile yield and a quad-gun Primary energy weapon, the Azaes is a force to be feared by smaller capital ships.
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  • The ''Icelus'' is the result of the development of the older [[GTD Hecate]]-class of Terran destroyers. ...w number of anti-fighter turrets. Despite this frailty, it is still one of the most versatile ships in service.
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  • {{TBP_Shipimage|image=[[Image:TBP Primus 320 240.jpg]]|caption=The CR Primus}} ...esses as opposed to newer designs, a Primus class battlecruiser is still a force to be reckoned with.
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  • {{TBP_Ships|name=Earth Force One}} ...hipimage|image=[[Image:TBP Earth Force One 320 240.jpg]]|caption=The Earth Force One}}
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  • {{TBP_Shipimage|image=[[Image:TBP EA Breaching Pod 320 240.jpg]]|caption=The EA Breaching Pod}} ...ckly breach the hull and deploy troops before security forces can respond. The Invader does require cover from friendly fighters and cruisers due to its r
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  • ...y of doing cutscenes is to place the player's start position far away from the battlefield, and practice some other precautions (protect-ship, ship-invuln ...not end prematurely because of the player's death, you have to manipulate the outcome.
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  • ...''' is a convocation of military personnel to discuss military affairs. In the ''FreeSpace'' games, there are three kinds of briefings: command briefings, ...n of new technologies. These briefings are also used to issue a welcome to the [[Alpha 1|player]] when he is reassigned to a new flagship (''[[Portal:Free
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  • {{Mission|first=No Previous Mission|next=More Than Meets the Eye|campaign=Silent Threat: Reborn Campaign Walkthrough}} ...ut the Vasudan pilots that survived the overzealous GTA assault. Preserve the Terran-Vasudan alliance.
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  • {{Mission|previous=More Than Meets the Eye|next=Field of Destruction (ST:R)|campaign=Silent Threat: Reborn Campaig '''Description:''' Protect the Einstein's escape pods until they can be recovered.
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  • {{Mission|previous=Hellfire (ST:R)|next=The Last Hurrah|campaign=Silent Threat: Reborn Campaign Walkthrough}} '''Description:''' The GTI mounts an intelligence operation into the heart of Shivan space. Not all is as it seems, however...
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  • {{Mission|previous=The Return to Ross 128 (ST:R)|next=Betrayed|campaign=Silent Threat: Reborn Camp ...cription:''' The last Shivan Demon bites the dust, with a little help from the EMP Missile. But something's not right...
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  • '''Description:''' Our hero responds to a distress signal at the Delta Serpentis node to Beta Aquilae. ...Wings are deployed to find out what happened to the defense force and hold the line against any further aggressors.
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  • ...ilable forces will come with the ''GTD Soyakaze'' and assist in destroying the Hades. Additional forces will come as provided. ...s by default) and Beta wings (Ulysses by default) of your own choosing. As the mission goes on, Delta and Iota will consist of Ursas, Epsilon and Sigma wi
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  • ...sus'']]'''. Numerous candidates have been put forward as to what ship type the ''Colossus'' should be classified under. ...s of cruiser size and above. In the second stage of [[The Great Hunt (FS2)|The Great Hunt]]'s mission briefing, even a ''[[SC Rakshasa|Rakshasa]]'' is sim
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  • Note that this is derived from an intelligence entry written for a mod set in the year 2393. ...aces yet discovered, the Shivans saw themselves as the destined masters of the universe.
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  • the war, in light of the principal combatants (and probably because of the similarity to [[Terran-Vasudan War]]). ...ds of years, subduing or eliminating lesser races, remaining undefeated on the battlefield. At some point, they discovered [[subspace]], that allowed them
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  • ...o power by main force. It's also featured in non-INF-canon campaigns, like the popular [[Sol: A History]]. ...emesis'']], flagship of the EA fleet, contributed significantly to turning the Earth Alliance into a fearsome entity.
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  • In the [[Inferno]] continuity, the so called '''''Ricochet Effect''''' occurs in a systems where all jump node The collapse of all a system's jump nodes severely compromises that system's su
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  • The Sanctus class cruiser is a ship with a troubled development history. ...high intensity combat to contain any invasion force. The requirements for the Future Fleet Cruiser were heavily influenced by this document, and a variet
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  • '''''Age of Aquarius''''' is the first campaign of the ''[[Blue Planet]]'' trilogy. ...generation of GTVA technology. There is also a new race to discover along the way.
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  • ...Campaign]]. The only canon stealth spacecraft are the [[GTF Pegasus]] and the [[GVF Ptah]]. ...or, and shielding are incapable of surviving the heat of prolonged battle. The actual nature of this stealth technology is not explained in detail, howeve
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  • :''See also:'' [[Earth]], [[Delta Serpentis]], [[Destruction of the SD Lucifer]], [[Cutscenes (FS1)|FS1's final cutscene]] ...ce]] after the destruction of the [[SD Lucifer|''Lucifer'']] at the end of the [[Great War]].
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  • ...nst the GTVA's nemisis, the Shivans, and will uncover a mystery which even the powerful Shivans have to fear. * The Constructors, a new race
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  • The EA makes a final stand against the GTVA in orbit over Earth. ...yourself in reserve to help out whichever starts to get in trouble. When the EA ship warps in, disable its starboard beams quickly with Stilettos.
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  • [[Image:Ueflogo.jpg|240px|thumb|right|Emblem of the Ubuntu Council of Elders]] [[Image:Uefeagle.jpg|240px|thumb|right|Great Seal of the United Earth Federation military]]
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  • ...rce sent to [[Sol]] after the successful reopening of the [[Destruction of the SD Lucifer|collapsed jump node]]. mother to avenge the death of Agamemnon at her hands eight years prior. The literal meaning of his name is "he who can conquer mountains".
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  • ...verse are listed here. Please note that this article spoils the content of the Blue Planet campaigns. Commander of the 212nd Nightwolves and the protagonist of ''Age of Aquarius''.
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  • fringe systems handy for setting isolated events, and also as somewhere the Shivans emerged in FS1). ...ending in a small, elite [[SOC]] taskforce in to exact retribution and end the nascent rebellion.
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  • Table Hack of the GTCv Deimos This is the way the world ''doesn't'' end, and how the Laramis SDF made it so.
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  • '''Description:''' Samuel Bei and Alpha wing pursue the GTC ''Duke''. ...inor technical problem now appears to be a symptom of something more. With the ''Duke'' now heading towards [[Ross 128]] and unresponsive to hails, it and
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  • ...y at bay, Iwakura and Tell lead Alpha Wing to the last survivors of Earth: the sleeper ship ''Sanctuary''. ...ew of the cruiser in question have been transferred to the medical ward on the GTL ''Solace'', and a temporary crew has been assigned to replace them.
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  • {{Mission|previous=Preserving the Balance|next=The Great Preservers|campaign=Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius Campaign Walkthrough ...are the core of the universe; it moves when you do. You felt it ever since the Second Shivan Incursion, but that felt like a sheet of paper leaning on you
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  • ...With his unification with the Vishnans, Samuel Bei makes a charge through the Shivan blockades, towards Delta Serpentis. ...een detached from it and transferred onto one of the many Vishnan ships in the fleet. Which ship this is is up to your choosing.
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  • {{Mission|previous=The Great Preservers|next=Fallen Angel|campaign=Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius Ca '''Description:''' The Keeper confronts a Shivan blockade at the jump node to Delta Serpentis.
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  • '''Description:''' The 14th Battlegroup traverses the jump node to Sol once again. <br> ...attlegroup traversed the [[Delta Serpentis]]-[[Sol]] jump node once again. The question is: did they return to their own universe this time?
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  • ...'Rise of the Corporate'' will hopefully be used to showcase the talents of the author as well as provide an enjoyable series of missions based in a Post-C is the battle weary GTVA that must once again keep the peace, whatever the cost.
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  • ::''This is about the current WIP mod. For the canceled mod, see [[Earth Defense Demo]].'' Earth Defense tells an epic story which is intended to continue the FreeSpace saga and bring it to a climatic and spectacular conclusion.
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  • ...longer the supreme Terran authority it used to be. Though on its last leg the former superpower now struggles to remain its standing. - the Ancients will make an appearance as a fighting force in SoI (confirmed)
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  • ...kers of English face linguistic difficulties''' when writing a campaign to the English-speaking community. Some of these difficulties derive from typical ...e differences between any two non-native speakers of English in regards to the kind of mistakes they make, this article can never fulfil its purpose entir
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  • ...n afford to wear you down slowly, they can afford to take a few hits along the way. Don't fight them unless you have absolutely no other options, and fran ...conventional sense would require a massive investment of resources. Big as the GTVA's forces are, they cannot cover everywhere and everything. You will be
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  • [[Image:gtcvbellerophon_strat.jpg|thumb|right|650px|The original GTCv ''Bellerophon''.]] [[Image:Bellerophon-aesaar.jpg|thumb|right|650px|The new GTCv Bellerophon by Aesaar.]]
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  • unarmed. However if this station was under attack from a large force, the entire SOL system would most likely be lost.
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  • [[Image:TSP Neta.jpg|thumb|right|650px|The TSP Neta station in BtA]] have been deployed with the Sol Expeditionary Force, the GTL Solace and the GTL Fortune.
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  • [[Image:GTCa Titan.jpg|thumb|right|650px|The original GTCa ''Titan'' in Stratcomm's Fleetpack.]] [[Image:GTD Titan.jpg|thumb|right|650px|The new GTD ''Titan'' by Aesaar in Blue Planet.]]
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  • ...utonomy (PCA) and the Vasudan responsible for sparking off the events in [[The Procyon Insurgency]]. great emphasis on three aspects of the ''Saturn'': its similarity to the ''Hades'', its four engine-mounted heavy beam cannons&mdash;each being able
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  • Note that the texts may or may not contain the original Volition spelling due to Wiki spellcheckers. Welcome to the GTI
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  • Note that the texts may or may not contain the original Volition spelling due to Wiki spellcheckers. ==Bringing The Hammer Down==
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  • ...from mid 2009 to late 2010, but with a FreeSpace-related storyline set in the Freespace Universe. Fight as a GTA Marine against Rebel Terrans and Vasudans during the First Great War Era.
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  • ...the [[FreeSpace Reference Bible]]. These descriptions are copy/pasted from the Reference Bible; please do not edit them. ...influences, focusing it’s [sic] attention on matters in outer space, and the exploration thereof.
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  • ...s its small size and speed. Without any beam cannons and only light armor, the Cretheus must rely on heavier cruisers for survival. Cretheus Cruisers are ...ation again held back its deployment, and it is only now being cycled into the Sol theater where it is intended as a gunship deterrent and point defense p
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  • and out-range their [[Shivans|Shivan]] counterparts, let alone any beam the GTVA has ever created. However, Vishnan beam weapons have fairly lengthy re ...ind with their primary beam cannons, with additional firepower coming from the [[GTD Orestes|GTD ''Orestes'']] off-screen.]]
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  • ...or of the Keeper directly into the target's hull. Kinetic impact and blast force produce damage that far outstrips our most sophisticated antimatter warhead
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  • ...d price - that keeps Neith class vessels from becoming a dominant force in the war.}}
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  • ...months later titled ''A Nordera Day''. A sequel, ''[[Wings of Dawn 2: Into the Void]]'' is also in production. The 3.6.12 build or newer
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  • ...d the NTF has reached the Deneb system. You are a member of the NTF strike force ordered to capture Apis station. Insert notes about the mission here.
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  • ...on, your force will effectively be split into a Fighter force and a Bomber force, each with their own objectives as described below. ...cause the enemies to go hostile if done right. The turrets to take out are the following:
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  • ...he script will use. It also features a FRED SEXP interface so A FREDer can force a zoom-in (or -out) as needed. ...file called '''zoom-sct.tbm''' in your ''date/tables'' directory and paste the following code into it:
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  • [[Image:UEFgNarayana2.png|thumb|right|750px|The UEFg ''Narayana''.]] [[Image:Naras.png|thumb|right|550px|The different Fleet color schemes.]]
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  • :''For the model used in older releases of Blue Planet, see [[GTMf Sparta]].'' ...mos|Deimos]]-class corvette that appeared in [[The Sicilian Defense]], see the [[FreeSpace 2 Terran Ship Database#GTCv Diomedes|FreeSpace 2 Terran Ship Da
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  • ''Note that the texts may contain edits due to extra spaces being in the original campaigns.'' .... When your brain encounters trauma, it shuts down and seals off access to the memory so it will never hurt you again.
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  • All you need is a FreeSpace Open, version 3.6.12 at the very least. === Setting up the mission ===
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  • {{Mission|previous=The Cost of War|next=Post Meridian|campaign=Blue Planet: War in Heaven Campaign ...'' Third Fleet's Exodus continues. Two ships are out of communication, and the Navajas are sent to investigate.
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  • '''Description:''' The GTD Meridian has been located, and a Task Force is dispatched to deal with her. ...ary assets. It is believed that the Galactic Terran Assembly has activated the Total War contingency of BETAC, meaning that all hostile targets are valid
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  • ...answer a distress call from a freighter that was apparently taken over by the renegade Gaian Effort. ...rings up the suggestion that you might actually be better off listening to the advice given to you by your "imaginary friend", citing that at least one ot
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  • {{Mission|previous=Darkest Hour|next=The Intervention|campaign=Blue Planet: War in Heaven Campaign Walkthrough}} '''Description:''' On her last mission with the Navajas, Laporte defends a [[UEF]] cruiser from a raiding [[GTVA]] squadron
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  • {{Mission|previous=The Intervention|next=Aristeia|campaign=Blue Planet: War in Heaven Campaign Wal task force for offensive operations. Their first task: capture one of the [[GTVA]]'s [[GTL Anemoi|logistics ships]].
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  • '''Description:''' The [[UEFg Indus|''Indus'']] is sent to make contact with a [[Vasudan]] [[GVL T ...h in the Elders' decisions, restating that "this war shall never be won by force of arms".
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  • ...White Guard escort a [[UEF|Federation]] Elder to secret negotiations with the [[Vasudan]]s. ...that each representative will come aboard a transport with a small escort force.
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  • ...attlegroup are against the gravity well of Saturn, the Wargods move in for the kill. ...again. While she has recovered her screening elements, the Wargods, led by the ''Indus'' and ''Yangtze'', have tracked them down and are preparing to stri
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  • [[Image:TSS Adonis.jpg|thumb|right|650px|The TSS Adonis in BtA]] ...akes it a viable alternative for those that need a simple base without all the luxuries and benefits of an installation. For these reasons, many Adonis st
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  • cruiser design. As their very sight makes our foes tremble to this day, the Heraklion class will continue to inspire fear while it remains in service f team, and kept by the ASW team for convenience. Not to be confused with the original [[AC Heraklion|Heraklion]], which goes by AC ''Kamares'' in ASW.
    2 KB (284 words) - 15:39, 6 June 2020
  • **Destroyed by 14th Battlegroup under the [[Blue_Planet_Terran_ship_database#GTD_Orestes|GTD Orestes]] ...[#UEM_Leeuwenhoek|UEM ''Leeuwenhoek'']], and Sigma wing of transports in [[The Cost of War]] (bp2-01)
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  • ...lose in to the 4-kilometer range of the mass driver to decisively conclude the engagement. Jovian engineers at Stormrider Systems built this weapon in con *Weapon does the final 75% damage to a ship with the [[Weapons.tbl#Supercap|supercap]] flag.
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  • {{Mission|previous=The Sword of Damocles|next=The Battle of Aesdher|campaign=Ancient-Shivan War Campaign Walkthrough}} [[Image:AkrotiriWeapon.jpg|thumb|right|480px|The ''Akrotiri'' wreaking havoc]]
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  • {{Mission|previous=Realm of the Guardians|last=|campaign=Ancient-Shivan War Campaign Walkthrough}} '''Description:''' In which things take a turn for the worse.
    2 KB (355 words) - 16:50, 31 December 2010
  • ...targetable, all depending on their range to the player as well as whether the player is facing them (or more specifically if he has them within a 60-degr ...o fine tune triggers. Detailed explanation below, but without further ado, the event itself:
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  • While versatile due to great weapons compatibility, the Ray III is not the most adaptable fighter once deployed due to only having a single primary an The reflective armor fitted on the Ray III is effective at absorbing hits from energy-based weapons, but is co
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  • :''Original post by Nuclear1 on the HLP forums, [ grown up with the images of the Star Destroyer, the USS Enterprise, and the Battlestar.
    16 KB (2,830 words) - 05:55, 9 August 2012
  • ...out your ideas for a plot, you've got some dynamic characters, and some of the best custom ships FSMods has to offer. ...nd you're starting to pick up the pace so you can get your campaign out to the community as quickly as you can without sacrificing quality.
    11 KB (1,863 words) - 10:31, 12 May 2011
  • :''Original post by Nuclear1 on the HLP forums, [ ...than just nameless wingmen and squadron leaders. You want real people for the player to connect with.
    14 KB (2,322 words) - 10:30, 12 May 2011
  • {{TBP_Shipimage|image=[[Image:TBP Poseidon.png|320px]]|caption=The EA Poseidon-Class}} ...last resort. Only five of these vessels have been commissioned into Earth Force service.
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  • One of the best parts about making campaigns and mods for Freespace is getting people ...ut there's plenty of people who never get a good grasp on how to deal with the community and their potential players.
    13 KB (2,292 words) - 16:04, 15 May 2011
  • {{TBP_Shipimage|image=[[Image:TBP Warlock.png|320px]]|caption=The EA Warlock-Class}} ...ough not confirmed by any intelligence division, it has been rumoured that the Warlock class destroyers also utilize Shadow technology.
    2 KB (254 words) - 20:58, 2 July 2013
  • '''The Unification War''' is a campaign released for FreeSpace 2. ...skills. But be prepared for a historic event that will change the fate of the human race forever...
    819 bytes (122 words) - 10:00, 27 May 2018
  • ...they have both been created by a species, that species opts to keep one or the other. ...ces who favored mayonnaise. These races they conquered or exterminated as the fates whimmed, and they remained unopposed for millenia.
    4 KB (552 words) - 09:58, 23 July 2011
  • ...ings of Dawn]]'' universe. Many Cyrvan characters serve as protagonists in the ''Wings of Dawn'' universe. ...ven' ears, which almost instantly got them the 'space elves' nickname from the Terrans. On average, Cyrvans have a hearing range between 80hz and 21,700hz
    22 KB (3,651 words) - 10:36, 28 October 2012
  • The '''Hertak''' serve as the primary antagonists of the first ''[[Wings of Dawn]]'' campaign. ...ting a rebellion however, they restrict the technology and ship designs of the conquered races.
    2 KB (274 words) - 13:32, 15 August 2011
  • ...rtak]] in the ''[[Wings of Dawn]]'' universe. They serve as antagonists in the first ''Wings of Dawn'' campaign. ...battle thralls. So they gave a show of force, united all Nordera tribes on the planet and promised them endless glory and opponents to fight. They then he
    2 KB (335 words) - 14:20, 22 August 2011
  • ...ecome a space faring race. Many Terran characters serve as protagonists in the ''[[Wings of Dawn]]'' story. around the 70 year mark. The average male height is between 190-220cm, the average female height tends to vary between 165-200cm.
    21 KB (3,511 words) - 16:37, 20 April 2012
  • The heroes of ''[[Wings of Dawn]]'': the chosen few to whom so many owe so much. ago. That's why Tempest opted to break with family tradition and joined the military instead.
    21 KB (3,646 words) - 11:35, 28 October 2012
  • The '''Nordera Pillager''' is the standard [[Nordera]] fighter. ...while low-tech, packs quite a heavy punch and are highly effective against the reflective armor used by LSF warships. Sluggish and unwieldy craft without
    6 KB (806 words) - 19:30, 29 May 2020
  • ...lpha 1 and FRED, god of this universe as they fight for truth, justice and the proper way campaigns should be made. Day Reference Bible is up for grabs, and the poor souls who Beta Tested the series want it for themselves.
    5 KB (841 words) - 18:10, 2 May 2018
  • ...ment along with a formidable and diverse array of weapon turrets, allowing the ship to hold its own against most threats. The design also provides comfortable living spaces for its 400 crew, minimizing
    2 KB (316 words) - 15:28, 28 May 2020
  • ...k Armageddon-class battleship is essentially a fortress in space. Armed to the teeth with 62 heavy turrets, protected by strong shielding, and plated with ...ssels the Hertak possess, but it is suspected that the number may range in the hundreds.
    2 KB (336 words) - 06:20, 30 May 2020
  • *Rank: Hero of the Universe ...ering a god-like entity a second time. Its easy to see why this Alpha 1 is the best Alpha 1 OF ALL TIME.
    19 KB (3,201 words) - 19:48, 20 November 2011
  • ...k on the Jovian Systems Republic, and the frigates must repel a Tev strike force. ...make them more effective against the GTVA's paired-corvette strike teams. The upgrade package includes MHD thrusters to aid in acceleration and manoeuvri
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