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  • Click [[Portal:FRED|here]] to go back to the main FRED portal page. ...tarted with FRED, from the moment you decide to create your own mission to the point of making it a reality. Written by Black Wolf.
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  • ...oorly balanced mission stands on one extreme of the difficulty spectrum or the other, rather than at a comfortable and challenging midpoint. ...ated difficulties. This reflects poorly upon the mission designer because the use of a single-strategy testing scheme will be apparent to other players.
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  • A mission in which the player must defend at least one friendly target until it completes a specif ...if the situation demands it. Setting Priority to 0 will remove a ship from the [[escort list]].
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  • ...e Escort List. The player, especially when flying bomber escort, must know the hull integrity of all mission critical vessels. ...he player's side is outnumbered by, say, 5 to 1. In these cases, improving the AI's skill or giving it a better loadout is to be considered.
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  • The Holy Grail of Storytelling ...uter game project leaders, designers, and writers to consider the issue of the unchecked unsophistication in computer game stories and dialog very serious
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  • The Holy Grail of Storytelling SELECTING THE DETAILS
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  • The Holy Grail of Storytelling ...(and better) material, and polishing every element that makes its way into the final draft.
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  • The Holy Grail of Storytelling The important thing is never to stop questioning.
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  • ...includes dozens of fan-created missions. ''Silent Threat'' was released on the second of October, 1998. ''[[The Pursuit]] -
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  • evolved from primates several thousand years ago on the third planet in the [[Sol]] system. They have an internal skeleton that supports and protects a ...atility has given the Terran species the flexibility it needed to adapt to the various threats it has faced, and allowed Terrans to evolve from tribal, no
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  • :''This article is about the species. For the campaigns by Blaise Russel, see [[Phantoms]] and [[Echo Gate]].'' :'''''The Destroyers''' redirects here. For a list of destroyer-class vessels, see [[
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  • ...imeline will span from the first Vasudan contact to the first contact with the [[Shivans]] in [[Ross 128]]. ...e taken from Eishtmo's FreeSpace fan fiction. This fanfic is being used by the [[Terran-Vasudan War Project]] team, although little of it is grounded in c
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  • ...[Deneb]] and [[Altair]] led to the ''Lucifer's'' destruction while exiting the jump node to [[Sol]], collapsing it. ...ets during the [[Hades Rebellion]], but by the end of 2335, all Shivans in the known galaxy had been rooted out.
    5 KB (756 words) - 05:38, 20 April 2012
  • [[Image:Gtva.JPG|thumb|right|300px|The GTVA logo]] [[Image:GTVALogo.png|thumb|right|300px|The GTVA logo by MjnMixael]]
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  • ...', from the phrase ذنب الدجاجة ḏanab ad-dajājah, or ''tail of the hen''. ...ygium (''the parson's nose''), 天津四 (Chinese for ''the Fourth Star of the Celestial Ford'').
    2 KB (275 words) - 02:40, 24 March 2016
  • :''This event has never been named in FreeSpace canon. The name "Second Shivan Incursion" is conjectural.'' The '''Second Shivan Incursion''' was the second invasion by the [[Shivans]] on Galactic Terran-Vasudan space.
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  • ...xperiment on reverse-engineered shield systems, during the early stages of the [[Great War]].]] ...he damage dealt to that vessel from hostile fire. Shields also deflect the force of explosions and shockwaves, making them an invaluable tool for bomber pil
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  • ...ance|GTVA]]. It is comparable in size to and perhaps more than a match for the [[GTVA Colossus|GTVA ''Colossus'']]. :''Not to be confused with the [[SJD Sathanas|SJ<u>D</u> ''Sathanas'']].''
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  • [[Image:ETAK.gif|thumb|right|500px|The ETAK device in operation]] ...e name ETAK is short for '''Etamnanki''', the tower that may have inspired the story of Babel.
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  • {{shipimage|image=[[image:Gtfloki-old.jpg]]|caption=The GTF Loki}} ...ter. It later became an staple part of the [[NTF]]'s fighter forces during the [[NTF Rebellion]]. Its high speed, weapons compatibility, and maneuverabili
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