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  • <b>Craft used the most:</b> [[GTF Hercules Mark II|GTF ''Hercules Mark II'']] <br> ...ched duties from heavy attack to bombing. At the cost of heavy casualties, the [[SD Ravana|SD ''Ravana'']] was destroyed.
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  • <b>Craft used the most:</b> [[GTF Valkyrie]] (FS1) [[GTF Perseus]] (FS2) <br> During the [[The Great War|Great War]], it was the Suicide Kings who captured the GTT ''Omega'' with [[Alexander McCarthy]].
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  • here</b> [,55043.0.html The official feedback thread] (also contains download links) <br> ...constructions. It is time to send armed forces to stop the pirate strikes. The [[Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance|GTVA]] is facing an even larger enemy th
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  • *'''Website:''' **Nameplate for the GTD ''Achilles''<br>
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  • *[[The Place of Chariots]] *[[The Romans Blunder]]
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  • COMPILED BY: Quinn Lazerus (The Eishtmo) ''Note that the texts may or may not contain the original Volition spelling due to Wiki spellcheckers.''
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  • The '''ships.tbl''' defines all the ship classes used in FSO. This table is one of the [[Modular Tables]] and can be extended with xxx-shp.tbm
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  • The '''weapons.tbl''' defines all of the weapon classes used in FSO. This table is one of the [[Modular Tables]] and can be extended with xxx-wep.tbm
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  • ...e [[Neo-Terran Front]] rebellion sometime during 2366. He served as one of the main antagonists of ''[[FreeSpace 2]]''. He is known to be an expert tactic ...ronymus Bosch was known for conveying moral and religious concepts through the use of fantastical and vivid imagery.
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  • [[FSO Launcher]]. To have FSO list all available flags, use any one of the following: [[Command-Line_Reference#-help|-help]], [[Command-Line_Reference ...them to make them stand out against the background. Due to the changes in the render pipeline associated with HDR, this behaviour has been disabled by de
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  • ...eSpace_2_Terran_Ship_Database#GTI Enif Station|GTI ''Enif Station'']] in [[The Sixth Wonder]] (sm1-08) ...eeSpace_2_Terran_Ship_Database#GTCv Colossus|GTVA ''Colossus'']] in [[Into the Maelstrom]] (sm1-09)
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  • ...nce been eclipsed by other missiles, most especially its direct descendant the [[GTM Tornado]], vast quantities of Hornets remain available due to overze ...cks the speed and agility to succesfully engage anything except bombers or the slower assault fighters. Modern superiority fighters and interceptors are
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  • ...], [[GTVA]] Command sent the ''[[GTD Aquitaine]]'' to scout the area where the [[Knossos]] subspace portal leads. ...emerged from subspace who outnumbered and outgunned the Terran task force. The ''Trinity'' was destroyed along with a number of Terran fighters.
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  • ...i was a costly battle for both sides, but the death of Admiral Koth caused the NTF forces to surrender without condition. ...[GTVA Colossus]]'' arrived via [[Subspace|subspace]] and quickly destroyed the Hawkwood.
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  • go supernova. The supernova destroyed the entire system along with all the ships present. ...was also attacked. Command agreed that the station should be destroyed, so the self-destruct systems were initiated.
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  • ...a direct confrontation between the [[GTVA Colossus|GTVA ''Colossus'']] and the [[SJ Sathanas|Shivan juggernaut]]. == The First ''Sathanas'' Encounter ==
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  • ...heir day's profit to come drifting by in poorly defended transport crates. The three pilots who jumped his convoy today, however, were not interested in m ...not prepared to take no for an answer. Already it's much too late to run; the landslide of events has long since started, and even now its dire effects a
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  • ...he [[Terran]] and [[Vasudan]] cultures in 2335. The large fleet was led by the [[SD Lucifer|SD ''Lucifer'']], escorted by [[SD Demon|''Demon''-class destr ...ovements during the Great War|Lucifer Sightings and Fleet Movements during the Great War]]
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  • ...f destroyers was deployed during the [[Terran-Vasudan War]], it devastated the [[Terrans|Terran]] 4th Fleet during its first engagement. rebels, the [[Hammer of Light]], until it was destroyed near the end of the conflict.
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  • ...s. Still, even one wing of Dragons can cause serious trouble for any GTVA force if not dealt with properly. ...una 1 was later used in a high-risk reconnaissance mission, shortly before the [[Destruction of Vasuda Prime]].
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