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  • | [[Enter the Dragon|Previous Mission]] using the captured Shivan Dragon-class fighter on a scouting mission in the Deneb system.''
    4 KB (673 words) - 01:34, 9 April 2014
  • | [[Reaching the Zenith|Next Mission]] ...stallation is under attack. The [[SD Lucifer|Lucifer]] has been sighted in the area. Protect it at all costs. Additional orders will be given to you on si
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  • | [[Running the Gauntlet|Previous Mission]] | [[Clash of the Titans|Next Mission]]
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  • ...d Terran Command has ordered a full investigation. You will be informed of the progress of this inquiry on a need-to-know basis. Until further notice, you ...Zeus to carry Tsunami space bombs in its arsenal. These features will make the Zeus a versatile and effective weapon against Shivan capital ships.''
    4 KB (542 words) - 19:50, 26 March 2009
  • {{Mission|next=Secret Recovery|previous=On the Run|campaign=Silent Threat Campaign Walkthrough}} ...s jump node. If Hellfire reaches its destination, it will be reunited with the primary Shivan fleet.''
    2 KB (373 words) - 17:42, 29 May 2009
  • ...ified fighters attacked your wing. The results of our inquiry are puzzling-the vessels are Loki-class fighters, GTI design and manufacture.'' ...llation, location undisclosed. The prototype of a stealth fighter project, the Loki is designed to elude detection by all known sensor arrays.''
    5 KB (782 words) - 07:28, 21 April 2011
  • ...the immediate vicinity. No system in the GTVA will be safe until we secure the nebula.'' ...esignated the Ahriman, and its escort of Mara fighters. A skirmish ensued. The Ahriman was damaged, but a fierce counterattack from its supporting fighter
    3 KB (457 words) - 21:53, 13 April 2009
  • The Shivans are not drawn to subspace disturbances, though they are attuned to ...absolute and final form of peace imaginable: that of being dead. Or maybe the Shivans just like a good fight.
    12 KB (2,085 words) - 09:57, 23 July 2011
  • with even greater a force. Eventually, this attack is rebunked as well. The Ancients are in a situation they have never encountered before, someone is ...e Ancients, once and for all. They are too great a risk to all the life in the galaxy.
    4 KB (688 words) - 09:56, 23 July 2011
  • ==The Mighty Shivans== ...much power through exploitation of the galaxy and its inhabitants, such as the [[Ancients]].
    4 KB (593 words) - 09:56, 23 July 2011
  • ...but still allow it to be reacquired, similar to EMP storms but without all the other effects. Here's how to do it: Make a variable called Mission_Time and initialize it to 0, then set up the events as follows.
    3 KB (560 words) - 16:47, 3 October 2011
  • ...fied. However, custom gauges may be added to mimic their behavior (such as the wingman status display). This table is one of the [[Modular Tables]] and can be extended with xxx-hdg.tbm
    121 KB (16,525 words) - 16:00, 15 April 2020
  • in 3.6.10 beta phase at this point in time, check Hard-Light Forums for the latest news and stuff. *Install the game
    7 KB (1,133 words) - 23:39, 16 August 2017
  • Put your campaign ideas at the bottom of the list. ===Earth: The Ongoing Fury===
    11 KB (1,831 words) - 11:14, 28 August 2019
  • This is a short tutorial detailing the exact functions of various parameters for Beam weapons in [[Weapons.tbl]]. ...ase post any comments or questions concerning the beam weapons tutorial in the [[Talk:Tutorial_-_Beam_Weapon|Discussion Page]]'''.
    11 KB (1,718 words) - 08:07, 1 December 2011
  • '''This is the precursor of the [[Return to Sol]] campaign, also available on this website.''' ...e resurfaces. But where are they coming from? Even if the GTVA discovers the Shivans' source of origin, can they be stopped?
    2 KB (242 words) - 07:47, 4 December 2018
  • The '''launchhelp.tbl''' is the help file for using the retail FreeSpace2 Launcher. *Defines the various text strings used in the retail Freespace Launcher.
    5 KB (733 words) - 05:22, 20 July 2012
  • The '''strings.tbl''' is used for setting the various translations. This table is one of the [[Modular Tables]] and can be extended with xxx-lcl.tbm
    3 KB (369 words) - 18:28, 7 July 2014
  • ...path against the NTF and witness it's destruction at the hands (claws?) of the Ravana.. After the ship is lost you join a newly formed Fast Response Task Force (all fast ships, including a strike carrier, so you move from system to sys
    3 KB (497 words) - 23:07, 9 February 2008
  • ...traczynski. It features a large amount of ship from different species from the Babylon 5 universe in single and multiplayer content. ==Premise of the TV show==
    3 KB (404 words) - 12:10, 17 December 2012
  • {{TBP_Shipimage|image=[[Image:TBP Tiger 320 240.jpg]]|caption=The EA Tiger}} ...llowing the railgun to damage the target's hull armor without re-orienting the fighter itself. It could also mount 8 missiles of various types.
    3 KB (493 words) - 01:45, 22 December 2009
  • Though the [[Shivan]] invasion of [[Capella]] was certainly one of the most significant occurrences of its time, it did not happen in a vaccuum of ...cruiser is sent to blockade the node against the convoy, but this show of force only serves to heighten tensions.
    2 KB (251 words) - 03:51, 5 May 2009
  • ...yer turns toward the area where the Boadicea appears and never turns away, the mission will never progress. ...ssion name 'Exodus' appears in all three Volition single-player campaigns (The Main FreeSpace Campaign, Silent Threat, and FreeSpace 2).
    29 KB (4,689 words) - 23:47, 27 August 2016
  • ...lopment and will be released as a standalone (FreeSpace 2 not required). The game also maintains an active [ website], [ later releases. A multiplayer mode is planned, but extensive fixes to the FSO net-code need to be implemented first.
    14 KB (2,125 words) - 05:50, 27 May 2020
  • ...lion, rescue loyalist elements of the 6th Fleet and Polaris System Defense Force, and escape with your life. Some effort was gone to prevent the usual scenario of a ship being able to maneuver and fight to its best abili
    1 KB (203 words) - 21:39, 27 March 2009
  • <font color=cyan>Although some expert hand has been through the page, where the (original) writer has doubts is marked in blue colour.</font> none of these data are embedded inside the game executable. In this way the user can always change nearly all game behaviour and appearance.
    24 KB (3,750 words) - 01:30, 27 November 2017
  • War has again come to the Solar System... ...t anticipate projects which has been in progress for quite long time. With the release of BSG: BtRL, it is hoped that progress on MindGames will start up
    12 KB (2,047 words) - 17:37, 24 September 2008
  • ...ary to popular belief, however, this is not the case; there are pirates in the Silent Threat mission [[Cloak and Dagger]]. ...ign designers seeking to create realistic and viable pirates need to leave the beaten path.
    5 KB (753 words) - 07:25, 6 May 2011
  • ...warnings about potential pitfalls, follow the link to the detail page for the SEXP you are interested in. ...omes true <delay> seconds after all specified ships have been destroyed by the specified first ship.
    120 KB (17,260 words) - 18:59, 2 July 2020
  • Causes the ships listed in this sexpression to become stealth ships (i.e. invisible to ...layer. A example of how to do just that is available [[Stealthing ships to force target loss|here]].
    553 bytes (82 words) - 14:14, 5 April 2009
  • Causes the ships listed in this sexpression to become non-stealth ships (i.e. visible ...layer. A example of how to do just that is available [[Stealthing ships to force target loss|here]].
    561 bytes (82 words) - 14:15, 5 April 2009
  • ! style="color: white; height: 30px; background: #512020; 70%;"|'''The FreeSpace Multiplayer Portal''' ...n about the multiplayer community such as squadrons, codes of conduct, and the like.
    6 KB (944 words) - 22:09, 2 September 2018
  • ...ultiplayer up and running, so more experienced users may want to just read the headlines to make sure they don't forget an important step. Before starting the actual game, there are a few outside factors that need to be taken care of
    19 KB (3,354 words) - 08:33, 14 February 2017
  • ====The Shivans==== ...galaxies with the use of 'Super Jump Nodes' (or Supernodes) at which point the subspace node was exceptionally large and very powerful.
    6 KB (1,016 words) - 17:42, 24 July 2011
  • on this icy world. A maze of tunnels and chambers have been mined into the ice and rock. Not much is left except for blasted artifacts and frozen deb ...n the front or elsewhere where they are needed more. We have only a token force of patrol fighters and various civilian support ships. But that's alright w
    4 KB (738 words) - 23:21, 23 August 2018
  • The following is the current FreeSpace 2 EULA. General Product License. This copy of FreeSpace 2 (the "Software") is
    8 KB (1,270 words) - 20:29, 10 October 2008
  • Ever since the discovery that missions could be set in subspace, foolish mission designers ...rely worth playing, as the enemy fighters can be splattered pretty much at the player's will.
    6 KB (1,010 words) - 11:38, 24 January 2013
  • my ability to assess the creative element, especially as it relates to the narrative form. ...n subspace, and just plain battles that don't work. The problem stems from the initial concept. Without knowing where you are going, how are you supposed
    9 KB (1,527 words) - 11:08, 15 May 2011
  • ===The Origin of the Challenge=== * Cheat codes: Type in Volition's web address ( and the cheats will be enabled.
    8 KB (1,437 words) - 11:35, 24 January 2013
  • ...ominous Contingency Morpheus, the GTVA's elite 14th Battlegroup spearheads the effort to re-establish contact with [[Earth]]. ...nown throughout the Hard Light Productions (HLP) community as being one of the best user-made campaign projects of all-time, excelling in story concept, m
    28 KB (4,271 words) - 10:02, 7 August 2020
  • ...into a deep depression, slowing the economy and affecting millions across the galaxy. Some systems have coped. Others have not. ...ical edge, not just over the regions other pirate gangs, but possibly over the Alliance itself.
    2 KB (289 words) - 05:59, 7 September 2013
  • ...gned so that it can dock with and be moved from one location to another by the [[GTFr Triton|GTFr ''Triton'']]. ...[Knossos]] device in [[Gamma Draconis]], and it was later used to collapse the subspace nodes leading from [[Capella]] to [[Epsilon Pegasi]] and Vega.
    3 KB (439 words) - 07:54, 2 December 2015
  • ...-GTVA Ship Database#GTCv Soyuz|GTCv ''Soyuz'']] to retrieve the crewmen of the warship ...ost 13|''Outpost 13'']]. It then self destructs, causing immense damage to the [[EAI Lycaon|Lycaon]] installation
    8 KB (1,163 words) - 10:51, 12 April 2009
  • ...lta Serpentis in [[The great rebellion]] (INFC1A-03) but it's destroyed by the player and his wings *Cargo: Docked to "Container 002", the content of which is "Spare Parts"
    9 KB (1,432 words) - 12:21, 6 December 2009
  • ...] (INFC1A-15) from the jump node. Departs shortly after the destruction of the SD Matsya but is usually destroyed by [[GTVA]] wings ...iablo]] (INFC1-06) with the SCv Hera and is destroyed by the blockade task force
    4 KB (543 words) - 05:19, 23 December 2010
  • *Part of the blockade task force in [[El Diablo]] (INFC1A-06) ...n the EAD Arethusa and the EAD Heliades and disarms most weapon systems of the GTI Sol Gate
    2 KB (255 words) - 05:14, 23 December 2010
  • '''Craft used the most:''' [[GVF Tauret]]<br> ...sympathizers, and wiped out by wings from the HLD Prophecy shortly before the Siege of Vasuda Prime.
    1 KB (222 words) - 22:09, 26 November 2007
  • As the Alliance wages a brutal war beyond Regulus, the GTVA 6th Fleet in Ikeya vanishes after a urgent distress signal is sent. ...a systematically destroyed within moments after; the Alliance is left with the fear of a second war front.
    1 KB (201 words) - 16:20, 22 March 2009
  • ...i-canon planet popularized by the classic campaign [[The Aeos Affair]]. In the intelligence animations, there are five planets shown for Altair, but only ...ns could not tolerate a Terran base so near to them, and so sent an attack force to annihilate Aeos Base.}}
    600 bytes (99 words) - 19:08, 25 March 2011
  • ...r as sequels, prequels, or occurring simultaneously with one of the games. The following is an (''incomplete'') list of completed user-made campaigns. ...rt of a total conversion. More details on these major mods can be found on the [[Total conversions|Total Conversions]] page.'''''
    45 KB (6,767 words) - 18:34, 27 July 2020

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