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General Info

Authors: Giorgio "Darth DySkO" Varisco, Davide "Admiral Edivad" Cucchi and Francesco "Mobius" D'Amico
Missions: 25(in the first episode)
Mods included:
IPAndrew's GTBM Venom
StratComm's GTC Hyperion
StratComm, LtNarol, CODEDOG ND and mikhael's GTD Raynor
New weapons

FreeSpace SCP Required

Inferno R1 Required

INFA Required

The campaign will not be compatible with INFA SA and INF SCP. Updates will eventually be released.


Steadfast Episode One

Steadfast Episode Two

Important notes

About the plot: This campaign follows an alternate storyline of Inferno Release 1. Episodes 2 through 4 are still open to major plot changes. As a result, it has almost nothing to do with INF-canon.

The number of episodes is yet to be confirmed. There will probably be 5 episodes with an average of 22 missions each.

About the missions: The campaign will feature take off and landing cutscenes plus normal cutscenes set during the missions. 5 to 10 cutscenes will separate the focal parts of the storyline. In addition to all these features, there will also be squadrons of enemy aces to defeat(the list can be found in the Squadron list page). Each pilot of the squadrons was at first meant to have his/her own description, but we decided to limit small biographies to squadron leaders only. The squadrons will be tough enemies to defeat since they have their own, effective strategies and are boosted thanks to advanced SEXPs and FRED settings such as special hitpoints.


Following the construction of the GTI Melia, the GTVA contacted the Earth Alliance, a powerful entity that rules in Sol. Many treaties were signed between the two Alliances, which then started to develop new technologies and share military forces. The pride of the Alliance is the GTCa Steadfast, a massive supercarrier built in the outer orbit of Earth and armed with state of the art weapons. The best squadrons of both Alliances are based on the Steadfast, making it a fearsome presence in any kind of environment. Many small rebellions have been stopped by the Steadfast, which forced all potential hostiles to surrender without problems and without firing a single shot.

The best GTVA squadron based on the carrier is the 35th Black Eagles, formed aboard the GTD Aquitaine when the 70th Blue Lions was disbanded. Thanks to its charismatic Squadron Leader, the 35th is vital to the GTVA. The player will take the role of Beta 1 in this squadron. Contrary to popular belief, the squadron isn't composed only of old pilots who fought the NTF and the Shivans: there are many young pilots who have passed through years of expensive training.

The construction of the GTI Melia, combined with the completion of a new, powerful fleet able to face the Shivans required the sacrifice of all citizens of the GTVA. The Alliance decided to recycle unused, retired or damaged craft and weapons to save money. Following the complete success of the Genesis project, thanks to which Vasuda Prime became habitable once again, the Vasudans left the Altair system and radically reduced their presence in the Aldebaran system. The GTVA chose the Altair system to build a massive scrapyard, ASC. With false promises of riches, many hundred thousand citizens of the GTVA moved to this system to work at the scrapyards. The conditions were awful, and whoever moved to Altair remained imprisoned there. Hundreds, if not thousands of workers died because of releases of toxic gas coming from scrapped craft and other terrible accidents.

The population of Altair started to hate the GTVA and its new ally, the EA. Under the command of Admiral Hugh Van Eyck, the population rebelled and formed the "Altair Phoenixes" or AP. The rebels, moved by anger, wanted the annihilation of the GTVA and the EA. In a matter of days, they prepared their fleet to attack the Aldebaran system, where a consistent Vasudan fleet was based.

The AP fleet is fearsome and is in some ways more powerful than a regular GTVA fleet. Thanks to superb modifications, Amazon drones, old Athena bombers, Fenris cruisers equipped with explosives and other old units can break through the most modern defenses. Due to worrying and suspicious coincidences, the APs control powerful ships like the Raynor destroyers and many EA assets. AP pilots don't fear their opponents and many of them appear to be very expert NTF, GTVA and even EA veterans who decided to defect to the rebel cause.

What worries the GTVA, however, is the fact that Altair and Aldebaran were once colonized by the Ancients and most artifacts are still to be found, so it is probable that the AP can develop ships and weapons based on Ancient technology. Many other things don't have a valid explanation and people are starting to consider the rebellion as something planned decades before. Otherwise, the presence of former NTF officers, many GTBM Venom-class cruise missiles, advanced assets and EA personnel born in colonies that once fought against Mars and Earth can't be explained. Investigations are in progress.

Following the victory in Aldebaran, where the AP sustained only a few casualties and managed to decimate the Vasudan fleet in that system, the GTVA decided to react. The Steadfast has reached the Alpha Centauri system. The survivors of Aldebaran and the population of Alpha Centauri are to be evacuated. The presence of the Steadfast is a comforting one and the most optimistic officers estimate the complete defeat of the rebels in less than two weeks...


The release of Steadfast has been delayed to an unknown date since the missions, cutscenes and extended table files are very complex and need time to complete. In addition, the main team members are all Italian so an intense job of grammar-checking is required.

A small demo of the campaign, featuring many of its characteristics, is expected to be released soon. The number of missions that will be included in the demo is yet to decide, but it won't be greater than 10.