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==Technical information==
==Technical information==
{{MissionInfo|SM3-04.fs2|63.1 KB|Brad Johnson|50 (+1 waypoint)|10|55|33|4: Numbers|Brief4}}
{{MissionInfo|SM3-04.fs2|63.1 KB|Brad Johnson|50 (+1 waypoint)|10|55|33|4: Numbers|Brief4}}
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron: 203rd Scorpions

Description: The 203rd has been dispatched to find the Shivan transport carrying Admiral Bosch.


After the Shivan transport carrying Admiral Bosch escaped, Alpha and Beta wings of the 203rd are sent to look for it.


A recommended loadout is a GVF Serapis armed with the GTW Maxim, GTW Prometheus S, a bank of GTM Tornados and a bank of GTM Harpoons.

At the beginning, you will not see any hostiles. Keep flying forward, and engage the enemy fighters you encounter. Command and wingmen will talk, and then someone mentions he saw another Knossos portal. Your new objective is to clear the area, and one of your wingmen announces that there was no Azrael in the area. As you approach the Knossos, the Sephiroth, a Rakshasa-class cruiser, will appear on view. Shortly after, the Dahaka, a Cain-class cruiser, will appear on your escort list. Destroy the fighters and cruisers and wait for the Psamtik to jump in.

The last bit of the mission is determined primarily by your proximity to the Psamtik. Keep in mind, however, that the Psamtik is fated to be destroyed in this mission.

The Psamtik will emerge about 9000 meters from the portal. You will then be ordered to head toawrds it. When you are about 7500 meters away, Shivan fighters and bombers will jump in near the Psamtik and you. Destroy them as per normal and get your wingmen to cover the Psamtik. Once you're 3000 meters away from the destroyer, SJ Sathanas 02 will jump in from the Knossos and destroy it. As soon as the juggernaut jumps in, veer away from the Psamtik, just to be sure. You will then be ordered to return to base.

Notable ships present

Technical information

Straight, No Chaser
File name: SM3-04.fs2
File size: 63.1 KB
Author: Brad Johnson
Total number of objects: 50 (+1 waypoint)
Total number of wings: 10
Number of mission events: 55
Number of messages: 33
Event music: 4: Numbers
Briefing music: Brief4