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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Fighter squadron: Not given.

Description: The UEFg Indus, after making a crash jump from their disastrous rout at Saturn, faces slow incineration as they fall into the sun.


It was all going so well.

The GTD Carthage was up against the wall, her battlegroup destroyed or run off...and then the GTD Imperieuse jumped in and ripped TF Wargods to shreds, including the UEFg Katana, the UEFg Altan Orde, the UEFg Yangtze, and all of their escort fighters and cruisers. Only the UEFg Indus and her strikecraft escaped the carnage wrought by Admiral Steele by executing a crash jump out of the sector.

The loss of Karen Ng'Mei pushes Lorna Simms to fully retreat into herself again. She refuses to talk about what happened at Saturn, and forbids Laporte to even mention the name of anyone killed there. Furthermore, she has decided to transfer Laporte to the UED Eris at the first opportunity.

But that opportunity may never come for Laporte and Simms, as the Indus is dying. She emerged from her crash jump in deep solar orbit, and her subspace drive, navigation, and long-range communications have failed. Her sublight engines are also failing, and without getting assistance from another ship, she will burn up in a matter of hours.

With the fighter bays of the Indus fouled and not needing any fighter escort at the moment anyway, Laporte and Simms retire to the briefing room for what Laporte later describes as the most morbid game of caps she's ever played. Shortly afterward, Simms collapses as she haemorrages from radiation poisoning.


This mission is a cutscene. Enjoy the view. And the credits.