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'''Headdie''' - Tabler
'''Headdie''' - Tabler
'''Sifle''' - FREDer
==Previous/Inactive Development Team Members==
==Previous/Inactive Development Team Members==

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Unification. Civil War. Shivans. No canon contradictions.

Syrk: The Unification Wars is a pre-FS1 mod that is being developed for the FSO engine by the Syrk Development team.

Behold the Ravana!


Author: Lucika, with help from the Syrk Dev team.

Missions: Presently assumed to be 60 with three loops.

Mods: Many various models from various mods.

Requirements: 3.6.12+ FSO Inferno Build. Media VP Package Version 3.6.10+ is highly recommended.


"Humanity has risen. Originated on the third planet of the Sol system and having greater dreams about their future, they’ve colonized Sol. But their fragile peace has shattered in no time, and a civil war started and the conflict’s outcome will surely determine humanity’s fate… Even though every single human is sure about this, none of them can expect that they’ll meet their nemesis on the other side of an unstable jump node…"

Development Team

Lucika - Project leader, Founder, Storyline Writer, FREDder and Tester.

Rodo - Background Artist, Tester and Contributor.

Dragonsniper - FREDder, Tabler, Tester and Contributor.

Headdie - Tabler

Sifle - FREDer

Previous/Inactive Development Team Members

Shiv - Co-Founder and FREDder. Made it possible to host Syrk at GameWarden.

Dilmah G - Co-Founder, FREDder and Tester.

maelstrom0511 - FREDder.

Retsof - Weapon effects creator.

Moonred - FREDder, Tester.

Currently Unconfirmed Members

Mjn.Mixael - Cutscene creator.

Dragon - Tabler, Tester and Contributor.



Syrk Dev Youtube Page

Hiring Thread