TCa Sagittarius

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All information related to the TCa Sagittarius is non-canon.
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The ORCa Syr Darya in Exile.
HTL Sagittarius.
Original TCa Sagittarius as featured in the TVWP.


TVWP Description

Designed when only the largest of ships could use any form of subspace drive, the Sagittarius (or Sagi for short) quickly established itself as the carrier class of choice. Engineered to not waste a moment on the battlefield, the Sagi's efficient design allows it to quickly pick up and drop off fighters and transports between short jumps into and out of a battle area. So effective is the Sagi that it has become the symbol of space-based military, endearing itself to its crews like no other ship.

Exile Description

Outer Rim Syndicate - Syr Darya Carrier

Dating back to the Unification War like the Zagreus destroyer, the Sagittarius was deployed by the Earth Federation as a carrier supplement for their Reliant-class destroyers. After the Secession War ORS command requested a dedicated carrier to house short-range fighter squadrons on missions in remote sectors of Syndicate space. Sharing the lines and basic structure of the Sagittarius, the Queen Consolidated redesigned the old carrier to provide support for modern ORS weaponry, engine systems and reactive armour. With all these new solutions the Syr Darya carrier was born. 34 Syr Darya carriers were constructed and played a major part in numerous engagements reinforcing ORS warships and supply convoys with fighters while they remained far away from the war zone. During the Shivan invasion the Syndicate equipped the carriers with a pair of spinal light rail cannons to enhance its escort capabilities and allow it to assist the refugee convoys. In the Exodus Fleet the few remaining carriers like Graf Zeppelin or Jarema became valuable assets in the fleet due to their ability to dispatch fighter squadrons where necessary without the involvement of destroyers.


  • Model by Ryx
  • Exile version by ???



  • TVWP
Type Carrier
Max Velocity 20
Hitpoints 45 000
Width 315 m
Height 230 m
Length 1000 m

  • Exile
Width 314.99 m
Height 266.91 m
Length 1005.99 m
Turrets 20
Fighterbays 2


TVWP Exile
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
Light Turret 8 (x2) Syndicate Turret 11
AAA Turret 2 AFSwarm 2
Firestorm 15 Standard Railgun 2
Plasma Shotgun 2

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Uses the same mesh as the GTCa Hyperion.

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