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All information related to the TF Gefjon is non-canon.
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TF Gefjon


Tech Room Description


Credits List

  • Model by Esarai



Type Advanced Assault
Manufacturer Sherida-Atsu Astronautics
Maneuverability Average
Max Velocity 65-70 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity 180 mps
Armor Heavy
Hitpoints 350
Shields 700
Width 29 m
Height 11 m
Length 35 m


Default Statistics
Bank Guns Standard Loadout
1st 4 GTW Subach HL-7
2nd 4 GTW Prometheus S
Compatible Primaries
Subach HL-7, Akheton SDG, Morning Star, Prometheus S, Prometheus R, UD-8 Kayser, Lamprey, Circe, Maxim
Default Statistics
Bank Capacity Standard Loadout
1st 70 GTM Harpoon
2nd 70 GTM Hornet
Compatible Secondaries
Rockeye, Tempest, Harpoon, Trebuchet, Infyrno, Hornet, Tornado, Hornet#Weak, EMP Adv., TAG-A, TAG-B

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