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Shouldn't blowfish's HTL Aurora be shown in the picture instead? Its much sexier. -Droid803

Is Blowfish's HTL Aurora released? If not, then no. Because the MOD database is for released and downloadable mods only and last I heard the HTL Aurora was a WIP. Trashman's upgraded Valkyrie 2/Stentor is however, released, and so I will upload a new picture and edit in new links Akalabeth

I released a test model a little while ago. Not quite finished, but downloadable and usable in-game (no LODs or debris). -blowfish

Well hurry up and finish that bad boy. Though, actually might be a bit of a double standard since I put up a page for my GVF Anouke but it's not downloadable yet, but I didn't want to waste time editing the page again later so I just put it up there. So yeah, I'd prefer to only list finished models personally, not that it's my webpage or anything. But finish up the Aurora, I'll finish up my guy, then we can add links for both and there'll be two more finished models that everyone can play around with. Akalabeth

HTL version done. If anyone wants to take a better picture of it, be my guest. blowfish

I posted the HTL version as it appeared in Blue Planet: War in Heaven Part One, but not as a replacement, as a comparison photo. - Black Yoshi