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I think that the weapon entries for the turrets should be either grouped into their respective weapon classes (upper example), or alternatively each assigned their own firing sector and/or location (lower example).

The current info has no real benefit for the players so either the data could be combined to a shorter list or alternatively created a truly useful list that would also expalin the lacations of invidual turrets. Both of the would IMHO be more useful to a player than the currently used listing.

Freespace 2
Number Turret Type
2 Subach
2 AAAf
2 Terran Turret
Freespace 2
Turret Number Firing sector Standard Armament
1 Above - Multi Subach
2 Below - Multi Subach
3 Above AAAf
4 Above AAAf
5 Right Side / Below Terran Turret
6 Left Side / Below Terran Turret