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I think that the weapon entries for the turrets should be either grouped into their respective weapon classes (upper example), or alternatively each assigned their own firing sector and/or location (lower example).

The current info has no real benefit for the players so either the data could be combined to a shorter list or alternatively created a truly useful list that would also expalin the lacations of invidual turrets. Both of the would IMHO be more useful to a player than the currently used listing.

Freespace 2
Number Turret Type
2 Subach
2 AAAf
2 Terran Turret
Freespace 2
Turret Number Firing sector Standard Armament
1 Above - Multi Subach
2 Below - Multi Subach
3 Above AAAf
4 Above AAAf
5 Right Side / Below Terran Turret
6 Left Side / Below Terran Turret

What if we are talking about a ship that is so big that we cannot express where the turrets are? Colossus, Sathanas, Hades etc.) - TopAce 15:23, 25 Nov 2005 (CET)

You are right ofcourse. To avoid such possible problems I am myself in favor of the first table i suggested but i decided to add the second one as an alternative. Besides the current entry with numbered turrets is pretty much useless as player has practically no way of knowing which turret is which before he/she (lets be optimistic ;) ) opens the model with PCS or ModelView. So for my part: big no for the current table entry type; maybe for the extented table with firing sectors; yes for the simplest table. - Wanderer 16:22, 25 Nov 2005 (CET)

Simplified table FTW - will switch it over tonight. Black Wolf 09:41, 26 Nov 2005 (CET)