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The most common installation... O RLY? Here are the instances I can think of, in rough chronological order:

  1. Cardinal Spear: Vega - Karnak
  2. Phantoms - Karnak (disassembled)
  3. Silent Threat: Reborn - Karnak
  4. Shrouding the Light - Cheops
  5. Shrouding the Light: Origins - Karnak
  6. Derelict - Refitted Typhon
  7. BWO Demo - Cairo AND Karnak (disassembled)

Even if you ignore the disassembled version, the Karnak seems to win by a mile. -- Goober5000 02:10, 3 November 2009 (UTC)

  • Ok, then one of the most common lol. But there are a few other campains that make use of the cairo, like The Procyon Insurgency and Stormfront. Otherwise, I might think that the cairo typically likes to appear in campains not as popular as Derelict, while many others make use of reskined Cheops. I'll go modify that vet comment. Grunt minion22 5:48 am, 3 November 2009.