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Would be nice if this could be renamed to Modded Ships, as that's all it covers. Is renaming possible? Because User-made Mods could include effects, music, interfaces, HUDs, and so on. Mustang19

The uploader is somewhat borked on my end and I just realised that a tech entry can't have more than one ship image (or I don't know how to do this), not to mention there's a size limit of sorts. If someone can delete the Ezechiel.jpg, Ezechielsoc.jpg and Ezechielsoc_sm.jpg it would be greatly appreciated. I'll stick to the picture of the standard skin, small version. aa51

Could this be organized in a way that's easier to edit? As it is, to add an entry, and keep everything in alphabetical order, you have to manually move everything else down a row. -blowfish