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Would be nice if this could be renamed to Modded Ships, as that's all it covers. Is renaming possible? Because User-made Mods could include effects, music, interfaces, HUDs, and so on. Mustang19

The uploader is somewhat borked on my end and I just realised that a tech entry can't have more than one ship image (or I don't know how to do this), not to mention there's a size limit of sorts. If someone can delete the Ezechiel.jpg, Ezechielsoc.jpg and Ezechielsoc_sm.jpg it would be greatly appreciated. I'll stick to the picture of the standard skin, small version. aa51

Could this be organized in a way that's easier to edit? As it is, to add an entry, and keep everything in alphabetical order, you have to manually move everything else down a row. -blowfish

Yeah I know it's a bit of pain in the ass. Is it possible to get it in a table format but without the editing woes? I don't know if Wikipedia allows for like . . . some sort of table where you just have the format and then somewhere else you have the list of ships. I think you can do something like that in HTML but not sure. Either way, I added the GVF Khepri to the list to save you the trouble. If it helps, how I add stuff is to find out where it goes and then to copy that column down from there. So copy the last to an empty row, second last to the last, third last to the second last, blah blah blah. Still annoying though. Akalabeth