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(Added the notes I jotted down while creating Vishnan Beam Weapons.)
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<code>{{Beam|4500|20|2|Direct|1|5 000|455|10 000}}</code>
<nowiki>{{Beam|4500|20|2|Direct|1|5 000|455|10 000}}</nowiki>
Which gives:
Which gives:

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Range {{{1}}} m
Recharge Time {{{2}}} s
Beam Lifetime {{{3}}} s
Type: {{{4}}}
Shots {{{5}}}
Damage per second {{{6}}}
Damage per second (sustained) {{{7}}}
Damage per pulse {{{8}}}


{{Beam|4500|20|2|Direct|1|5 000|455|10 000}}

Which gives:

Range 4500 m
Recharge Time 20 s
Beam Lifetime 2 s
Type: Direct
Shots 1
Damage per second 5 000
Damage per second (sustained) 455
Damage per pulse 10 000


Beam stats are based on multiple values found in the weapons table file and are calculated as follows:

Range: [+Range value]
Recharge Time: [$Fire Wait value]
Beam Lifetime: [+Life value]
Type: [+Type value], where
0 = Direct; 1 = Slashing; 2 = Targeting; 3 = Anti fighter; 4 = Fixed
Shots: [+Shots value]
Damage per second: [$Damage value] x 5.5
Damage per second (sustained): Damage per pulse / Recharge Time
Damage per pulse: [$Damage value] x Beam lifetime