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Featured Campaign of the Moment
Wings of Dawn

"Follow the happy go lucky 1st Joint Guardian Angel Strike Force as they go to far away places, meet new alien life forms and then, kill them."

Celebrating its one year release anniversay this month, Wings of Dawn is a total conversion, developed for the FS2 Open engine by forum member Spoon. Quickly winning praise for innovative mission and weapon design, WoD is set in an original, anime-inspired universe, and has gained a devoted following amongst FreeSpace fans.

Set just before the final exams at the Joint Academy and following afterward as the first class graduates, the player takes the role of Misuzu Stella, an energetic mecha fangirl, as she graduates and joins the newly formed 1st Joint Guardian Angel Strike Force. Things seem quiet as they are sent to the Alpha Draconis system at the edge of League space, but things are soon to change.

A sequel has been confirmed, and is currently in the works. (more...)