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*GTD ''Galatea''
*GTD ''Galatea''
*PVC ''Mauler'' ([[Hammer of Light]])
*PVC ''Mauler'' ([[Hammer of Light]])
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 1 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 1 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron:


In order to protect Vasuda Prime, the GTD Galatea will be moving from Antares to Beta Aquilae.
Alpha and Beta will provide support.
The sentry guns surrounding the jump node were severely damaged in the recent Hammer of Light attack. Alpha wing will inspect sentry guns to determine if they are salvageable. Beta wing will provide cover.
The Galatea will jump into Antares, reset its coordinates, then jump to Beta Aquilae. Lately, the Hammer of Light has been attacking all ships passing through the jump node. It is your responsibility to destroy all enemy ships that you encounter.
After the Galatea jumps to Beta Aquilae, you will be contacted by the Detiula Installation in the Antares system. There you will receive your briefing and move on to your next mission. Intelligence has specifically requested you and your wing for these missions. Good luck, pilot.


Fly to the Watchdogs at mission start and open fire as soon as your scan begins, as they'll soon turn hostile. A few warmup wings of HoL redshirts will arrive. Next are a few bomber waves. The bombers are equipped with Stilettos and Synaptics and are trying to disable the Galatea, and therefore aren't much of a threat to her, although there are several Amuns thrown in. Their heavy turrets will make short work of your wingmen on higher difficulties, so either don't bother defending the Galatea (Stiletto hits won't really hurt her) or load your wing with the best-armored ships available (Herc and Medusa in this case).

Next are the kamikazes. The Anubises do 4000 damage and the Seths 6000, so try to go for the latter even if they are slightly more difficult to kill. However, the kamikazes really won't do that much damage; the only scary thing they send at you is the explosives-packed Aten (PVC Mauler).

On lower difficulties, you can simply kill the cruiser, but a more efficient tactic is to disable it with Stiletto and then rearm as your wingmen finish it off. Remember that this is a red-alert, so try to keep some wingmen alive and watch out for your hull.


This is one of the few missions in the campaign that allows cheating. In this context "cheating" does not mean "send your wingmen away so that you will get all kills". It means "cheat code". If you want to use Shivan Super Lasers in this and the next mission, go right ahead.

For some, the Watchdogs are actually Cerebrus, making them a bit more dangerous, but not by much.

Notable ships present