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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

The Bull Frost Tactical Beam, also known as the TerSlashBlue, is a tactical slashing beam cannon used by the GTVA in the FreeSpace 2 mod Blue Planet. The Bull Frost has damage ratings similar to the Aurora Wake beam, as well as the same effective range, but exhibits a much shorter recharge time and beam lifetime. It serves as the primary armament of the Diomedes-class corvette and secondary armament of the Raynor- and Titan-class destroyers.


Blue Planet Tech Room Description

One of a new generation of Terran weapons systems, the 'Bull Frost' tactical beam is a product of the Threat Exigency Initiative's adaptation of Shivan beam technology. Using the Akheton Corporation's adaptive fire control suite, a dedicated meson reactor, and a cryogenic slurry heat sink, the Bull Frost offers rapid-fire engagement options against multiple turrets and subsystems. The Bull Frost serves as the primary armament of the Diomedes strike corvette and as a battery weapon on the Raynor-class and Titan-class destroyers.



Range 6 750 m
Recharge Time 10 s
Beam Lifetime 2.3 s
Type: Slashing
Shots 1
Damage per second 2 338
Damage per second (sustained) 538
Damage per pulse 5 376


Veteran Comments

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Despite the typical problems of slash beams in general, this beam barely resembles the Terslash; the two Bullfrost on a Diomedes will tear up Sanctus cruisers in less than a minute. In Darkest Hour, if the Indus Karuna moves into the wrong position, as occasionally happens, it will quickly be ripped to shreds. Don't underestimate these beams and the threat they pose to Federation vessels.

This beam is basically the old TerSlash done right. Although it has a much lower per-pulse damage output than an MBlue, the TerSlashBlue has an excellent fire rate that gives it an equivalent sustained damage, assuming it consistently hits. Although they don't help that much on the Titan or even Raynor's broadsides, they truly shine as the main armament of the Diomedes. Note that, in BP lore, slash beams are more likely to acquire a lock under heavy beam jamming than direct-fire beams like the MBlue.

Despite widespread belief to the contrary, the TerSlashBlue is exactly as likely to hit its target as every other slash beam.