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The Terran Turret is a primary weapon used in turrets of the larger Terran and Vasudan vessels.


Weapon Comparison Table, FS1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS2




Range 1375 m
Rate of Fire 1 shots per second
Velocity 275 ms-1
Base Damage 43.75
Armor Damage Full 43.75
Shield Damage Good 29.75
Subsystem Damage Average 26.25


Veteran Comments

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The Terran Turret is a so-called blob turret (due to its appearance in non-SCP, unmodded FreeSpace 1 and 2). The Terran Turret has a faster refire rate, does slightly more damage-per-second, and is faster (therefore more accurate) than its bigger brother, the Terran Huge Turret. Both Terran Turrets do little damage-per-second, slightly more than the Prometheus R. As such, they are mostly good at destroying bombs and really slow moving, wounded bombers and fighters. These actually appear to take out more bombs than Flak, but perhaps it's me.

Bomb-remover extraordinaire. Let the beams and flaks take on the bombers. These are for what they dump on you.

The blobs in general are the new point-defense weapons, knocking down incoming ordnance with an efficiency a flak gun can only dream of. Beams are excellent point-defense, but do not fire nearly as often.

If you ever play a no-shields FS1 mission against a freighter or cruiser, Terran Turrets are to be feared. These things do catastrophic damage to bare hulls, especially compared to the pea-shooter ML-16. But in FS2, you can practically bathe in blobs.

These things are amazingly accurate against bombs or slower moving objects. However, take out the weapons subsystem and they won't be able to hit anything.